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I have never seen this EVER! (On console)

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So yesterday I tried to connect to a server and saw this.158F83C2-5766-4D32-99E6-F5209AEC8FE2.thumb.jpeg.45e6db99c4b2820f14fb2d9ed27283bc.jpeg

The error message isn’t what’s weird about this. After that it played the classic don’t starve world generating scene. This :F923F892-0DBC-44FF-8199-3281DA50A7C4.thumb.jpeg.ba28509750ce1d225394bf2562554ef6.jpeg199A2E4B-6799-4805-A23C-2C7C006A1616.thumb.jpeg.cef4bba036d594d0f9eb31f318085688.jpeg

I thought this wasn’t in the PS4 version. Has anyone ever seen this on DST for PS4 as well?

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