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Explain this electrical problem

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Well then i dont understand what a circuit is. Since each transformer has its own in cable and out cable I thought i was good to go. But because they are all linked to the battery cable it doesnt work ?


This system only needs less than 2Kw, Can you explain how i pool the 3 generators + batteries + transformers the right way please ? A screenshot would help immensely :p

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If the wires are directly touching they are all on one circuit. It doesn't matter how you branch it off. Because conductives are sharing the circuit with heavi-watt, your heavi-watt line is 2kW max.

Here is one solution. Bubbles needed to train her construction skill anyway. :)


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@Xiombargdei, I think you’re assuming that electricity is modeled more realistically than it actually is.

It’s easy to imagine that electricity does pathfinding. That is, what matters is how much electricity should logically move from point A to point B along a length of wire. If there’s a wire leading to a single 1 KW transformer, logically only 1 KW’s going to travel along that wire, right? No matter what else is connected to that wire upstream.

That’s not how electricity works in Oxygen Not Included. A set of connected wires is considered a single entity, regardless of shape or electrical paths. If you have 3x 1 KW loads connected to a grid, every segment of wire in that grid experiences a 3 KW load, regardless of where it is in relationship to that grid. Even dead-end wires experience the load. If there’s an overload, the game selects one wire segment at random to damage, position doesn’t matter at all.

The only way to isolate one wire grid from another is a transformer. That’s what they do, electrically isolate the output grid from the input grid.

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