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Mod Suggestion: Auto Add Digged Turf Into Inventory

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We had this idea while endlessly picking up dug turfs when building a mega base. Tried to mess around with terraformer.lua but turns out we have no idea how to mod :D. Is there anyone that would like to take this request por favor? We think it'd be very useful for lots of people.

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Get my Auto Stack mod from the workshop. It doesn't put them into your inventory directly, but it stacks items spawned on the ground together. The standard setting is that a newly spawned/dropped item will look for similar items within a range, and stack those items onto itself, so the stack of turfs will follow you around until it's full, and then any newly dropped turfs will start a new stack. Then you only have to pick up a 20th of the items, or however many turfs can be in a stack.

I made it this way, because usually it would be annoying to have every dropped item be automatically put into your inventory, so this seemed a good compromise.

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I updated my Auto Stack mod so you can now enable that stackable items are automatically picked up when they are spawned in the world close to a player. For convenience, you can make it only automatically pick up items of which you have one in your inventory already.

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