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Ice Staff and Spacebar

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Okay this actually flat out bothers me, apparently hitting spacebar while having an ice staff equipped doesn't prioritize extinguishing nearby smolders/fires with it.

I feel like it should, not campfires/firepits, just smolders or wildfires. If I'm holding an ice staff and theres a nearby smolder/wildfire, it should default to me extinguishing it with the ice staff upon hitting spacebar.

Klei, please consider this. I think it's stupid when my stuff burns because I hit spacebar expecting to put out the smoldering object while having an ice staff equipped and my character either tries to put it out by hand or does something else entirely...

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28 minutes ago, Pruinae said:

To be fair it feels like suggestions there never actually get read. :s

Kinda agree, suggestions should take other players opinions and discuss with them not just throw it there.

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I guess until either Klei implements such a QoL change or a modder does it, I'm having to resort to dedicating a docking point for my boat and always docking my boat there in summer.

Said point will have a flingomatic, wich will be on during times wildfires are a threat

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