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Shared Cot?

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Can duplicants with different schedules share cots? Mine are sleeping on the floor even though they have totally different sleep schedules and open beds... do you really need a bed for each duplicant otherwise you have to manually assign them the bed back and forth?

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Would you want to sleep in the sweaty sheets of that dude who spent the entire day digging through slime and then chose to dance instead of showering? Or considers washing his hands the pinnacle of hygiene?

On a serious note - yes, each dupe needs their own bed, but they're really not expensive and have no input so I've never considered this a problem at all.

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You can hotbed it like in a submarine, but you need to micro manage it every damn cycle.

You can select beds and choose who's assigned to them, so you can just switch between each schedule.
You could have 12 dupes per bed/mess table if you wanted as dupes with a bed needs only 2 blocks of sleep.

The micro however is horrible for something that actual happens IRL every damn day.

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