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  1. [Game Update] - 355817

    What does this mean exactly?
  2. Klei is this some sort of a plot to fill up the update notes?
  3. Random game crashes

    Here's my log . Also, some one should update guidelines on how to post bug reports properly. The guidelines that appears when creating bug report thread seem to be outdated. output_log.txt Edit: Latest patch seems to have fixed crashes \0/
  4. Random game crashes

    There are plenty of programs that can crash to deskop because of bugs in programs themselves not Windows or hardware. That said, game itself crashes, putting me back to my desktop. Sometimes game detects the crash and promps me to send bug report. Crashes started to appear somewhere after 200 cycle.
  5. Random game crashes

    My game seems to crash periodically. It doesn't crash on same spot as I reload the save, but with in 1-2 cycles it crashes. Could't find client_log.txt in my documents for some reason.
  6. Clock sensor does not work with the liquid shutoff that is in one of the cold biom. Radioactive Space Poop Cycle 333.sav output_log.txt DxDiag.txt
  7. (Oil preview) Constant game crashes

    Here you go. output_log.txt Edit: I actually just noticed that save I provided is somewhat old. I went beyond cycle 60+. But this is the only save i have of this base, all others disapeared. Maybe it's because of I played other game or because of the update?
  8. Game keeps crashing Cantaloupe.sav
  9. Tried to build floor lamp on basic tile but got soon message something on the lines that that tile cant support mass and lamp's "construction blueprint" disappeared. Tried to build it 3 times with same end result. Same happened with Fertilizer Maker. Ended up replacing four tiles with mesh tiles, and that helped. It's working now. output_log.txt The Not-So Yucky Rat's Nest Cycle 38.sav
  10. Air Scrubber is visually working but it doesn't clean any air. output_log.txt The Not-So Yucky Rat's Nest Cycle 38.sav