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  1. New Player Needs Direction

    I can suggest watching crypticfox on youtube. Pick up one of his most recent bases and watch it from the start. He's pretty good at explaining step by step what he does and why. His stuff is actual gameplay footage though, so if you want to see different stuff being built and in action you might have to skip about a bit in his videos for what you need.
  2. Ranch a fuckton of dense pufts and condense o2 to oxylite? Keep base pressure high enough and you won't even have to pick it up yet. That is, if you're adamant on using electrolyzers. Alternatively you pick up another 10 dupes, and lock them in a power room for a couple hundred cycles, and just feed them mealwood. Once you're ready to deal with power in some other way, you'll have high athletics dupes ready to skill into whatever.
  3. Why is BBQ so out of wack?

    Fish are a passive source of food though, that takes 0 dupe time up to the point where the pacu dies and is turned to food. 1 sweeper, 2 tiles of conveyor belt, a converyor loader onto a chute and you'll get "free" dead fish, and "free" egg shells.
  4. I guess this is the cheesiest way to get carnivore. Print 800 pacus on cycle 24
  5. That's awesome. But yeah, you should have just seperated the gulps, you madman. <3
  6. Place the slickster farm on the bottom right of your main base outside the insulation ring and use a jebaiter to draw the CO2 into the room. Takes very little power, and gets the CO2 out of the living quarters. If you're against the jebaiter do it with ordinary pumps. Also, I'd have slicksters above the shroom farm so they won't eat all the CO2.
  7. useless plants

    Going to agree on the Dasha as a decent way to deal with the chlorine from rust deoxidizers. My center base is usually a fully insulated and scrubbed box, so the dasha fits neatly on the 2 tile bottom maintenance floor where the scrubber and transformers go already. Once the scrubbers have cleared the CO2 the Dasha can clear the clorine and recoup a bit of salt along the way.
  8. Plant and Critter Idea Thread!

    I'd love some vinelike foilage in the forest biome as well and have playing with the idea of an abyssalite sink. Maybe it could be combined. Crusher vines. Huge "background" plant at 4x7 or something. Rooted from the top. Will stop and "hug" (taste) duplicants that pass for a +1 "comforting hug" morale bonus. Lives in oxygen, carbon dioxide or chlorine. Lifecycle 60 when wild 12-ish when domesticated. Needs abysallite fertilizer and water irrigation. Harvests for a tiny amount of dirt and a lot of sand.
  9. Most stuff stays at 5, there are exceptions however. Ladders in large constructions and dig operations get a 6, or even a 7 if there's a big chance of trapping dupes without the ladders. Standard inbase storage gets a 3 while out of base storage gets a 4. Specific storages like coal for generator or dirt for farms get a 5 and polluted dirt/rotpiles/slime gets a 6. Idlewheels at 1 on the wrong side of the transformer station and and outhouses at 9 while they are up. !! is only used for checking geysers and trying to save suicidal dupes.
  10. Narcoleptics

    Hahaha, yeah ok. I guess deviating from standard rules will give non-standard results. Not a big shocker tbh. =P Ed: I don't see a firepole from surface to bottom anywhere going through the base though?
  11. Narcoleptics

    Narcoleptics is the only drawback that actually costs meaningful dupe time, as such I will never pick it up. Loud sleeper litterally does nothing, even on the same schedule as other dupes, they just need 2 cots of space between other people on their schedule. Most drawbacks costs time in specific jobs or areas, but narcoleptics will cost you time regardless of planning. 2 blocks of sleep is enough with cots, and with 3 blocks of downtime before, I have never seen a dupe not get to bed on schedule. If this happens I have no idea what is going on as even athletics 0 dupes will get from the surface to the miscalculated pod position just above the oil biome, Eat, ****, socialize and even dance if needed before going to bed on schedule. Granted I only have 500 hours clocked, and not being omniscient, it could have happened without me noticing. Are people making mazes for their dupes to run through?
  12. My in-base compactors are prio 1 and only gets used when dupes would otherwise be idling. I usually build a line of Compactors in every area I dig into for the Biomes local resources and prio 2 it.
  13. AETN Setup with Electrolyzer

    Eh, sure. It's a mess though. The bottom hydrogen pipe isn't in use yet, but will be used as a last overflow from the 2 hydrogen storages to the right, when my dupe numbers rise high enough to make excess hydrogen.
  14. Share your Pipe Spaghetti

    AETN cooled quadSPOM signing in. Not too crazy, but making room for all that piping was a nightmare.
  15. AETN Setup with Electrolyzer

    No need for that. His setup already seperates the gasses perfectly, due to the 1 element per tile rule that makes sure that oxygen can never slip across the door. @Artorias36: Unless you have mouth breathers a single electrolyzer handles 8 dupes pretty decently. The real danger of the SPOM is forgetting it and letting it clog up or letting it eat all your water. This is my 4x SPOM with hydrogen overflow, It's going to make Oxygen for 32 dupes and excess power for a metal refinery and a TA. Right now it's powering most of my base though, which feels pretty damn good.