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How about dont auto-add polluted water to bottle emptier for pure water?

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I am enjoying the release game thanks :) but this is one thing which I feel is a bug not a feature :p.

When I built my first my first bottle emptier it was to collect pure water from a spill due to leaky fertilizer which gave way under a pure water pocket. OK patching the leak and cleaning up was fun and drama but then when the first instance of polluted water in a bottle occurred from a hand basin, the game automatically added polluted water to the bottle emptier water types without my knowledge because previously there had only been one water type, so the entire tree had been ticked.

So Pimlico base pure water tank ended up contaminated with very germy polluted water from hand basins, which made all the pure water germy and its all your fault Klei! This is water which would be used among other things to refill the wash basins not to mention the water cooler ... eeewww gr0ss !!

If you try to tick only the water box on the emptier when there is only water available in bottles (commonly the case in the early game before sinks have required emptying), the game automatically ticks the entire liquids choice tree, you have no choice in the matter. It should not do that, if you tick the water and not the intermediate "Liquid" or "All" tickboxes it should at least make a dot not a tick in the intermediates to show that a specific choice has been made and then it should not add pre-ticked polluted water to that emptier when polluted water becomes available, which currently it does do whether you like it or not.

IMHO it should never add a newly occurring bottled liquid to existing emptiers, ever...! *shudder*




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This is a problem with all storage and delivery items in the game.  The game does not differentiate at all between only one item on a list of one element and all items in that category.  So if you check that one item, it automatically checks all of them for when you discover new ones.  There needs to be a special rule in place for lists of one that let's the player differentiate between whether they just want that one thing or actually want all things.

To help you with your problem at the moment, you can set the emptier to 'sweep only' and mark the pure water for sweeping after it's cleaned up.  That is somewhat more tedious as it adds an extra step, but at least polluted and salt water won't end up in your pure water supply.  Alternatively just leave the water on the floor, dupes will use it for things like irrigation and research anyway. 

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