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Pips and Park

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1. Make dirt tiles in respective pattern

2. Cover dirt tiles except one 

3. Put pips and seeds in park

4. uncover next dirt tile, goto 1.

One possible pattern is 3 tiles dirt, 3 spaces, to be planted right-to-left.

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Don't need to be dirt to make wild plants, one thing I did in debug mode is by producing phosphorus.

Melt phosphorite to 243.9 degree, that you get liquid phosphorus.
Next to make wild tiles, you need cool this to 44.1 degree.

So melt phosphorite, cooling liquid to... 55 degree,build 1 tile pool for liquid ,transport by pitcher pump, cool liquid to solid.

And you have tile where pip gonna plant seeds
Cuz hardness is 0, every plant gonna be place there ;D

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