Struggling building a Hostile Cards Deck

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Anyone with suggestions for a hostile cards deck? Initially those were my favourite, but now at prestige 6, I'm struggling with those. It seems far easier building diplomacy due to how hard is to stack Domination. There are some key cards needed for domination (the one that expends all diplomacy card, the one that converts influence in dominance, there is even a +2 dominance card somewhere?), but by default I struggle with anything.

Any good input? I even thought that maybe Sal is not cut for Dominance and winking works better, so diplomacy deck it is...

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I can help but i dont remember the names of the cards all that well. I find scorched earth not needed to expend the cards from your deck. Instead i use back pedal for that, once upgraded it gives 8 composure easily one of my favorites. Bulldoze the card that lets you draw a card when you play a dominance card is very strong. The 0 cost damage dealing card and bellow are great additions. Heavy handed can be an okay addition sometimes. 

Planning is very helpful in all decks i always grab this card. The card that removes/steals composure is an easy pick for all decks but i only grab 1. Try and upgrade the green cards to destroy or gain composure, as for the starter red ones get dominance or play x2. The hostility evoke cards are handy always grab the one that gets you a heated argument. The damage dealing one i tend to upgrade one to 3 hostility cards played and the other with increased damage but i never get more then 2 of these.

The hostility aoe card is nice. If you upgrade it to draw cards you will draw your whole deck with bulldoze and evoke so many cards. The improvise hostility cards card is amazing to evoke cards to. Agitation is very strong card but its hard to upgrade so i try and play it whenever i feel i can suffer the resolve damage but once upgraded to 2 cost its so much easier to use. The bait 6 argument card is nice as well with back pedal you can protect your resolve up until day 4 when everyone hits your resolve like trucks. 

menacing air isn't worth the effort its to hard to protect and costs to much. This is typically how i try to build my hostility decks and ive found this combo of cards to be very effective but it is all RNG and i dont always get all of these cards and theres some manipulation cards you can always consider grabbing if there offered to you.


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You need :

2 cards which give your next card for free, for Bulldoze & Menacing Air… and another cards as Bloated…

The Evil card which give you double dmg, with 4 or 5 Dominance it is a 10-16 dmg easy, and can be the next two card after upgrade.

2 or 3 (more :D) cards 0 to start arguments, then the foot which give you Dominance when arg destroyed. Free cards are mandatory for red because lack of composure, you need to quick kill your opponent.

The Green Evoke card giving 1 dmg and 1 influence, you can change influence for Dominance at 1 cost only with the give 1 get 2 card, and 1 dmg for free…

The Grift that give you 1 Dominance at startup, and the Grift that give 1 dmg per Dominance spawned...

A lot of Evoke card : because you have only Red and sometimes play twice, it easy dmg & bonus for free

1 or 2 card 2-3 which give you 1 bonus dmg per red card in hand : combined with Bulldoze and Evoke, plus Dominance lots of dmg. Combined with the Evil one :shock:

May be 1 Reconsider for Amiralty ...

Another trick, don’t take all proposed cards as they appear. Don't take the green card if you don't have the 1 influence for 2 Dominance card, for example… Or Bulldoze if you don't have the "free" card… Because it's bloating your early deck. Take shills instead.

And Good Luck!

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There's one thing i notice on one of my runs on prestige 7 and maybe somebody can test this out, but if your more violent with your interactions (e.g. kill random people or just get into a lot of fights but especially the random killing) that the card picks starts leaning in favour of hostile cards. You also get cards that work really well with hostile decks like dangerous and other cards like that which i cant remember right now. 

8 hours ago, mister_eugene said:

Another trick, don’t take all proposed cards as they appear. Don't take the green card if you don't have the 1 influence for 2 Dominance card, for example… Or Bulldoze if you don't have the "free" card… Because it's bloating your early deck. Take shills instead.

I agree with what mister_eugene says here, best to keep your deck light and pick up hostile cards when you can. if you upgrade the starter diplomacy cards and destroy is an option choose it, also as soon as you get access to the night market pick up hostile cards from there.

Finally make sure that your battle deck is in order cause your going to be fighting a lot and just having a lot of ppl hating or disliking you.

Here's a list of cards i had in my hostile deck for success:

  1. Bellow (Deal 1 bonus damage for each hostile card in your hand)
  2. Erupt (Attack a random argument when 4 hostile cards are played
  3. Low Blow (Remove a targets composure)
  4. Menacing Air (Gain dominance at the beginning of your turn)
  5. Evil Eye (Double damage of next played card)
  6. Oppress (Gain dominance when this card dismisses an argument)
  7. Scorched Earth (Expend all  non hostile cards and deal damage for each)
  8. Threaten (This is a starter card you want the Lucid version if your lucky enough to get it)
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Made one of the most fun mixed negotiation decks today but it used a lot of hostility cards to provide card draw. Used bulldoze with domineer, overbear,hostile instincts and mirrored threatens to draw cards. Visionary setup/rebuttal/reconsider with second wind to generate more card draw and actions. invective and erupt would sometimes go off 2 times in 1 turn. Grabbed agitation and empathy on day 4 and used back pedal and boosted/visionary deflections for composure. Also used tactical mind upgraded to 0 cost. Probably the most fun negotiation deck I've used. Could have used scorched earth if it was ever offered. 

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Found a different infinite combo besides swift rebuttal and second wind/ergo more situational for sure though. If you manage to have a full hand while bulldoze is active you can use visionary setup/reconsider with a 0 cost hostility card and hostile instincts to continue drawing and playing those cards till you get the desired dominance and one shot the negotiation. Requires you to expend all but 11 cards which isn't impossible.

Overbear makes this way easier to pull off and interior drill graft can reduce a hostility card or reconsider to 0 to make it combo with less pieces.

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