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  1. Nice! I was referring to the original discard deck, the one with the piercing blades that allowed you to draw cards for essentially an infinite turn
  2. I had a pretty exciting night at prestige 3, I was trying to come up with a build and didn't find anything that inspired me, but as usual I collect bleed carts because I like that mechanic a lot. At a certain point I realized... why not remove most of the cards? And that's what I did, my deck was of 8 cards, with 1 expendable. The strategy was then: apply some bleed, apply more bleed with the second card, Use the Salvage Barnacle to get a large amount of defense based on the bleeding stacks and then piercing hemorrage to inflict piercing damage based on the bleeding stacks. This was working great, then I got that grift that decreases the loss of bleeding stacks to 20% per turn (initially 33%), it turned insane. The last boss survived up to 57 stacks at the same time (1 turn really). 57 stacks meant that I was accumulating 57 defense (a bit more with pale stance), inflicting 57 piercing damage and then 57 bleeding damage. With the 5 actions per turn from grifts, I was able to inflict ~20 bleed stacks per turn and only lose 20% of them. The tanking capabilities were amazing, given that it stacked on bleeding. At the end of the game I was also drawing 7 cards, for a 100% guarantee of having the Salvage Barnacle each round, ensuring I'd reach that ~50 defense per round making me essentially immune to damage. I must point out that I sweated a lot when I had to fight only mechanized enemies Hope someone will find this build nice! Cheers
  3. Question, I bought the game on Epic Store to access the alpha (and played way too many hours, thank you, this game is beautiful) and I vaguely remember you mentioning that we will get the Steam version at a certain point if you bought it there. Is this still true? What about the GoG version, is it planned? I have a family of gamers and my steam account has the majority of the games, as such I'm trying to pull them out into GoG, so that I don't get the limitation on family sharing (one person can use the library) and people in my home can play games without being locked out.
  4. I think they said they won't. Sadly. Invisible Inc is one of my favourite games (I have a list of 5-6, with no "best" between those) and I would play it on my phone every time possible if it was available.
  5. I run around with 4 EMP III and Xu, together with 4 buster chip 3, my program suite is horrible, I use it mainly for cameras: Power Drip I (started endless right after beginner campaign), Parasite 2, lockpick 2, ping, emergency reserve. I have internationale, decker, xu and sham, but now I'm like Day 14 and game got easy: I have 1 cloak 3 rig for each one, 1 shock trap III for each one and internationale has 2. Yeah, I can run 4 turns cloaked, it's a lot. And I have a combo between augments/neural disrupter where everyone can knock armor 3 guards (sham has guns though). In general, I'm satisfact with the entire team except for incognita which really lacks behind. The problem is: I want to keep ping (so powerful and cheap!!!), I don't have slots for portable servers, so I'm a bit stuck on this. All agents are maxed though, so I can spend money wherever I want, but I'm extremely scared of finding myself in a situation where I can't hack cameras because I'm in the middle of changing programs for incognita