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  1. I used that initially, then I switched to Direct Mouse for a more "close-to-touch" experience. Pretty cool, the only problem is when selecting 2 cards for discard, for whatever reason it "preselects" the card where the cursor is on, which is the last card you clicked basically, deselecting it.
  2. Greetings, I have a tablet and have been playing this game from bed, it's been amazing! I'd like to request a modification of the options. The UI overall works, it would be great if I could increase the font size, but it's not a big deal. The only problem I faced is that with "touchpad" mode, the cards require a double click great. However, this doesn't apply to all the other UI elements. This is incredibly annoying when trying to "mouse hover" conversation options, since they would be clicked immediately. I recommendto add another option (or rename "confirm card selection"), called "touchscreen", so that it applies to all UI elements. This would make the game very playable through a touch screen! Anyway thanks for the great game, I'm going to bed and will probably play until I fall asleep
  3. I think they said they won't. Sadly. Invisible Inc is one of my favourite games (I have a list of 5-6, with no "best" between those) and I would play it on my phone every time possible if it was available.
  4. An iPad for this game would definitely be worth... ARGH!!!
  5. I run around with 4 EMP III and Xu, together with 4 buster chip 3, my program suite is horrible, I use it mainly for cameras: Power Drip I (started endless right after beginner campaign), Parasite 2, lockpick 2, ping, emergency reserve. I have internationale, decker, xu and sham, but now I'm like Day 14 and game got easy: I have 1 cloak 3 rig for each one, 1 shock trap III for each one and internationale has 2. Yeah, I can run 4 turns cloaked, it's a lot. And I have a combo between augments/neural disrupter where everyone can knock armor 3 guards (sham has guns though). In general, I'm satisfact with the entire team except for incognita which really lacks behind. The problem is: I want to keep ping (so powerful and cheap!!!), I don't have slots for portable servers, so I'm a bit stuck on this. All agents are maxed though, so I can spend money wherever I want, but I'm extremely scared of finding myself in a situation where I can't hack cameras because I'm in the middle of changing programs for incognita