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  1. What's the current max prestige? I read people mentioning 6, I just reached 6 but would like to know if there is more!
  2. Nice!!! I was able to pull out a 43 once, but I don't remember exactly how. I think with the card that says "whenever you discard this card, increase damage by 4"
  3. I keep using this deck as a fighting deck. It's damn fun, and there are a lot of cards that synergies well with it! The 0 cost discard-3-cards and the "discard the entire hand, get 2 def + 2 counter per discarded card", in combo with "draw 4 cards + 2 counter", and efficient disposal, you can make funny turns where you get like 30 defense, 20 counter AND if you have 3 upgraded blades, you get back 6 cards. With a small deck, I was able to keep playing a lot of 0-actions cards and do very long turns. Love it. I never manage to make it work with wounds (I never draw find the cards necessary for it. I don't think the Spree card exists anymore either?), but with bleed I'm able to make 10-13 aoe bleed which is amazing. I just defeated Prestige 7 on a non-experimental build
  4. Not sure if anyone found this annoying, but "Fatigue" triggers way too early (it shouldn't exist at all from my point of view). Every hard fight where I'm barely manage to survive, I get this "fatigue", which becomes extremely disappointing. I really hope it gets triggered much later, XPing cards is already a painful and long process!
  5. Hello! Anyone with suggestions for a hostile cards deck? Initially those were my favourite, but now at prestige 6, I'm struggling with those. It seems far easier building diplomacy due to how hard is to stack Domination. There are some key cards needed for domination (the one that expends all diplomacy card, the one that converts influence in dominance, there is even a +2 dominance card somewhere?), but by default I struggle with anything. Any good input? I even thought that maybe Sal is not cut for Dominance and winking works better, so diplomacy deck it is...
  6. What's current maximum prestige?

    Oh, I'm looking forward to discover the malus of prestige 7. The 6th is heavy already, must play more defensive.
  7. I faced Krill with yotes today. Today it was late last day, I had a beefy deck and boulder stance protecting me. I was lucky because I built a deck around discard/draw, so I was stacking up a lot of defense each turn to save me from Krill, and I had a card I kept discarding and stacked a 40 damage attack, which definitely helped
  8. The problem with "combo" cards

    That makes sense given the state of combos, you are basically playing "combos" without combos (you use always the same type of card, stacking with itself). Combo, suggests that you should chain different cards, but right now is very hard and doesn't yield supreme results
  9. The problem with "combo" cards

    I also appreciate that griftlands is focused on chaining cards, I'm addicted to that aspect! My slay the spire experience is very limited, but having two decks breaks the repetitiveness of the game
  10. The problem with "combo" cards

    I agree. Combo synergy needs too much work, for little compensation. It's a much higher-risk (to achieve) kind of deck, without any benefit over the others. The fact that combo are lost at the end of the turn is problematic because you need to be lucky enough to draw finishers and combo builders at same time.
  11. I faced the Krill at the beginning of day 2, which means my deck contained barely any card. As soon as I enter the fight and read the debuff, I realized there was literally nothing I could do. My best card was the upgraded Sal-only card to 5 bleed damage, but that was it basically... Beginning of day 2 is way too early for that beast. I wished I could run away, but no I just had to take the beat
  12. Boosted Kradeshi Barbstorm: When discarded, applies 3 bleed to all enemies and goes back into your hand. Combo it with Rummage (cost 0, draw 1, discard 1). Reached 12 bleed on 3 enemies... And saved me, amazing!
  13. Fatigue triggers way too early

    I don't have this experience, so far I get fatigue always at bad timing, and it feels extremely unrewarding when you survived a beefy boss for so long just to see "you won't get any more XP from this fight", sigh!
  14. Wait, isn't killing already giving you improved loot? I always going for "kill" unless I'm trying to make a diplomacy deck...
  15. To be fair, slay the spire didn't have controller support for a long time either. I assume it will come at some point.
  16. I think they said they won't. Sadly. Invisible Inc is one of my favourite games (I have a list of 5-6, with no "best" between those) and I would play it on my phone every time possible if it was available.
  17. An iPad for this game would definitely be worth... ARGH!!!
  18. I run around with 4 EMP III and Xu, together with 4 buster chip 3, my program suite is horrible, I use it mainly for cameras: Power Drip I (started endless right after beginner campaign), Parasite 2, lockpick 2, ping, emergency reserve. I have internationale, decker, xu and sham, but now I'm like Day 14 and game got easy: I have 1 cloak 3 rig for each one, 1 shock trap III for each one and internationale has 2. Yeah, I can run 4 turns cloaked, it's a lot. And I have a combo between augments/neural disrupter where everyone can knock armor 3 guards (sham has guns though). In general, I'm satisfact with the entire team except for incognita which really lacks behind. The problem is: I want to keep ping (so powerful and cheap!!!), I don't have slots for portable servers, so I'm a bit stuck on this. All agents are maxed though, so I can spend money wherever I want, but I'm extremely scared of finding myself in a situation where I can't hack cameras because I'm in the middle of changing programs for incognita