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increase volcano/minor volcano overpressure limited

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we got 2 world trait that make more volcano magma ,and the world rime also got extra volcano on bottom.

but I notice a thing.They always sleeping and do nothing due to over pressured(1840kg).all those volcano just do are afk steam turbine awaiting for construction.

we need to make them more dynamic.

I suggestion to give them a higher cap on over pressure limit.around 3000kg per title it should be able to break 1 tile of Abyssalite and Obsidian.work much like oil pocket break and creating a mess when you digging without plan.
there no challenge with those trait(more like free power to tame lower difficult.)at least the taming process should be harder(100% spliting magma the fire time you open it.) 

btw i suggest we could change the minor volcano to leaky oil style,a smaller but consistent magma generation with higher temperature.

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