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Keep getting "mod uninstalled" notice

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I had issues with "alarm" and "half door" so I uninstalled via steam and then deleted the mod folders from my docs.  Now everytime the game launches, I get "alarm unstalled", ht OK.  Repeat.  How do I clear this?

I edited "mods.json" to remove the alarm code and now I get a different mod with repeating restart required loop

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The mod manager is acting up AWFULLY. I tested all updated mods locally (in the /dev folder)  and everything worked perfectly. I uploaded some updates to steam, the game is not downloading changes correctly to the point that I'm getting stacktraces with code that doesn't even exist in the latest version. So far what worked for me was closing the game, deleting mods.json, opening the game so that it creates the file, closing the game again... then opening and enabling mods one by one. It's going to drive me crazy before I enable all 40 of them.

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when there are MODs updates,

start the game, there will be a popup asking you to restart,

don't press the restart button, remember those updated MODs or take a screenshot,

press ESC, the popup will be gone, then open up the MOD menu, disable those MODs you remembered, save and press restart,

this time there will be a popup with a OK button, press it, then enable the updated MODs again, save and restart,

this time it'll be OK.



What really causes this, i think, is that when the game started and MODs enabled, the MOD's files are occupied and cannot be replaced by the updater, so that leads you to the infinite restart cycle. The MODs update logic really need some work.

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