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Help creating a relatively complex mod...

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I have next to no experience in creating Don't Starve mods, so I was wondering if anyone here might be able to give some advice. I want to create a mod, but in order to do so I need to know how to do the following things:

-Have a permanent Full Moon

-Have snowflakes fall but not have is collect on the ground (no white overlay)

-Make the all ground covered in Spider Webs (the sticky turf around Spider Dens)

-Make a Hound wave occur whenever there is the presence of any player-caused fire in the world, excluding torches.

-Be able to create new world levels BELOW the Ruins.

-Be able to have two separate cave exits that lead to two separate surface worlds.

-Lock the Nightmare Cycle at it's peak.

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That pitch rivals some of the most ambitious mod pitches I've ever heard. All of these are going to be difficult to figure out how to do, and are in no way something I would advise a beginner to try their hand at (except MAYBE the snow overlay thing, the permanent full moon and the spiderwebs on the ground, and I can't even begin to imagine the ramifications those might have on the rest of the game world, let alone how to do them). I'm sorry, but these will require entirely too much studying of the game code and intense debugging for me to do for someone else.

Godspeed, though :) There are plenty of mods doing world generation changes, and you can find a couple of threads on here about it.

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