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Alternative Usage for Skill Points

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I've noticed that there is a lack of things to do with skill points once you get to a point that your dupes can't get any more job skills due to morale limits.

So I've a suggestion on a alternative usage for skill points: Duplicant Gene Resequencing Pod.


This would be a late game technology that would require automation technology and basic rocketry technology.


What this would do is allow a duplicant to be assigned and get a selected attribute bonus for 1 skill point and some of their work time.


Duplicant Gene Resequencing Pod Stats:

1200 W required

10kDTU heat

gas input to fill up storage tank for oxygen (which would be used a rate of however much the duplicant inside needs per second)

gas output for duplicant carbon dioxide production while being reseqeuenced 

180 seconds (1/2 cycle in case I didn't remember right) to complete resequencing

4x4 space requirement.

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Excess Skill points represent a dupe with more brain stuff than they need. Why not pull out the excess brain matter with the Neural Vacillator? The harvested skill points might be given to other dupes or maybe a brain hungry critter could eat it. I'm sure the dupes won't mind.

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I`d prefer if there was an implant system similar to Invisible INC. You could craft an implant that enhances one stat (strength, athletics or learning) and dump all excess points into it for +1 per point. The implant would increse the morale requirement but points dumped into it not. It would max somewhere around 15-20 so it won`t go too crazy.

Crafting them would require a special job requiring both lvl 3 doctor and mechatronic engineer as well as a specialised building.

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I think the best solution would be if it were possible to invest skill points into a "mental stability" skill that increases your morale.

That way, if you have several skill points to spare but not enough morale to use them, you will at least be able to spend half of your skill points on useful things and spend the other half of your skill points on the "mental stability" skill to compensate for the morale penalty.

I have now created my own suggestion thread for my counter-suggestion in the following thread:

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