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11 minutes ago, TheEvilMango said:

What is your favorite and least favorite modifier for the astroids? My favorite has be geodes or rich metals. My least has to be large or mixed bolders.

Geodes are cool. Uncool are boulders of any size larger than small.

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  1. Geodes: Lootboxes of ONI (I actually hate gambling but here it does not cost anything)
  2. Rich Metals: Treasure, treasure everywhere
  3. Subsurface Ocean: White gold, Irregular Oil: Black gold
  4. Small Boulder (...)
  5. Normal Boulder (._.)
  6. Mixed Boulders (.-.)
  7. Large Boulders (╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻

There are worlds between 3 and 4, the first three I love, the last four can get lost

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I mean, the geodes and rich metals are just extra stuff.  Boulders are taking stuff away from you.  What do you think people like?  A little more nuance to the modifiers would go a long way to making it more enjoyable.  For example, if there's a point value for each modifier so the more negative modifiers you have the more positive ones you have.  An asteroid with large boulders will have something really nice to compensate.  Of course, we'd need more modifiers for that.  Which would be nice in general for more variety.  Some random modifier ideas:

  • Water springs / hot springs: There are scattered pockets of fresh water surrounded by sedimentary rock on the asteroid.  In the second variation an extra cool steam vent will spawn in one of the water pockets.
  • Significant fauna / Thriving fauna: 25% / 50% more wild critters spawn.
  • Limited fauna / Extinction event: 25% / 50% fewer wild critters spawn.
  • Growing space: Starting biome is larger.
  • Cramped: Starting biome is smaller.
  • Hidden valley: A small starter biome is spawned somewhere else on the map.
  • Strong geological activity: More geysers spawn.
  • Weak geological activity: Fewer geysers spawn.
  • The motherload: Small clusters of refined metals are spawned.
  • Dry well: Only 25% of the normal oil amount spawns on the map.
  • Venusian: Large pockets of hot highly pressured CO2 are scattered around the map.
  • Dusty: Sand pockets are larger and more frequent.
  • Jumbled terrain: Biomes tend to have less regular sizes and shapes.
  • Mucky cornucopia: Muckroot can be found buried all over the asteroid.  This does not replace other buried items, it adds extra muckroot.
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