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So tell me what do you think about him by answering these question or you can give me general thoughts about him.


-What do you think about his Nearsightedness? do you use Seasonal hat (like eyerbrella) over goggles?

-Have you ever think about his stomach downside?

-Do you use fryfocals?

-What do think about his current balance?

-Is there is something you don't like about him?

-Is there any suggestion you want to see it in the future about him?

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13 minutes ago, SpoonyBardIV said:

Hmmmmmmmm... Seems very similar to the Wheeler thread I just started. HMMMMMMM... However I can't say much because I haven't played Wagstaff much yet...

To be fair I didn't saw your thread when I was making this.

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I haven't yet played him outside of Hamlet, and in Hamlet there's very little reason to use any head equipment but his goggles so I can't remark on using other seasonal items. Personally, while I definitely wouldn't want to walk around without his goggles for extended periods of time, I think it's a pretty badly-executed disadvantage: the blur is annoying but it's really not that disadvantageous as it's not bad enough to really keep you from seeing anything terribly important. In fact, as far as I can tell the only people it really significantly inconveniences are people with RL vision issues, which is bad.

His delicate stomach downside is really only a consideration for the first few days of a game where you're wanting to explore and not necessarily settle in with a fire/crockpot to cook stuff. Once you get past that point, it's mostly a non-issue. The worst effect it has is it messes with mushroom use a tiny bit.

Fryfocals? Not really. I use them for permanent nearsightedness protection and that's about it. The damage is nice but there's just very limited circumstances in which I'm willing to set a target on fire to deal damage.

I don't think he's very well-balanced, especially if you're playing in a game mode where temperature is less of an issue or not one at all. Infroggles are great and relatively cheap, the Visor is cheap and just plain better than the helmet with a negligible downside, and in Hamlet especially the standard goggles are really far too useful. This is completely setting aside the other few toys he gets which are 100% positives.


Change the blur effect of his nearsightedness to just literally making only a small radius directly around him visible; black everything outside that range out. His goggles actually become fairly vital and his nearsightedness is no longer only a real inconvenience for people with sensitive vision.

Sanity penalty in addition to health penalty for eating raw food, and/or a significant penalty to the health/sanity benefits of such food. You can walk around subsisting on butterfly wings in combination with other forage and the only current real consequence is you'll never have more than 147 HP.

Regular goggles should have durability consumed by investigating objects.

Make infroggles a little bit more expensive.

Having done all of that, give him a couple more neat toys to play with or something. While I think he should be balanced better, there should still be some actual fun reasons to play him. I swear I don't hate fun.

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