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still wondering about elegant drop chances

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maybe drop generator count how many elegants i have already or something else? (almost all of them are from market, trades and spoons)

i still dont understand why my account have chances lower then 1% and my friend, who even dont play it, only idle - have much higher drops


it can be explained on 50-100 items, but when its more then 600 - its not a kinda luck, something influence on chances to my account


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While the odds of the overall collection taken as one isn't likely to have a far deviation from the stats provided from Klei, know that each drop is in itself an independent roll.

Regardless of all prior past rolls, each roll is a fixed rate percentage to get an elegant.


You could be the unluckiest person alive and never receive an elegant with this, for example.

Likewise the luckiest would always receive one.

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