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[HELP] How to block the world's regeneration when I die?

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Kroiry    9


can anybody help me? I lost an advanced world because my connection was lost so my character died and the world was replaced by another with regeneration. This happens because I play on a dedicated server usually there is a countdown but this count is ignored if no one is online, regenerating the world without even counting the countdown. summarizing internet went away causing my death at the same time the server identified that they were all dead and offline with this recreating the world.

I wonder if it is possible to remove the regeneration of the world or even if the countdown can be reset if someone happens to lose the connection while it is dead. I know that on a non-dedicated server there is this configuration even if you are dead you can close the server and back that the countdown will start again in its maximum time

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MrDo    56

Press Tab > Click 3 Dot > Click Roll Back    

This will take you back to last time saved. But this is for admins 

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humanbean    17

I wanted to keep my world gen at one point and wrote down the steps on the forum to remember. Be sure to add the "--" back if you want to generate new worlds again.

  • While DST is open in your world gen you'd like to copy, open console and type: print(GetWorld().meta.seed)
  • Write down the 10 digit number that appears in the console window
  • Goto Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\databundles
  • Unzip in the previous folder (\data) and place it in a new folder named "scripts"
  • Rename scripts.rar (in \databundles) to something else, like backup_scripts.rar
  • Open your new scripts folder and look for worldgen_main.lua (make a copy and name it "backup" just in case of mistakes), open with notepad/etc
  • Look at the 4th line, stating "--SEED = xxxxxxxxxx -- Force roads test level 3"
  • Input your 10 digit Seed number obtained in game, replacing those 10 numbers
  • Erase the 2 "--" before "SEED" (allowing the code to run), save the edited worldgen_main.lua
  • Open DST, start new game with the same size your desired world gen was and POOF!
  • I also used the same less/default/more/lots options as my original gen, not sure if that's needed or not, but the size being the same is needed otherwise it doesn't load

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