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  1. EDIT: Nvm, used search and found this recent thread So the twiggy trees are taking over in my world. I'm trying to eliminate any extra lag because my friend gets some issues. Besides manually removing each tree, is there a command to remove all twiggy trees, or maybe a command that prevents more from spawning/producing twigs? Thanks!
  2. Are there any shenanigans involving Nightmare Pie that I'm not getting? Or is it just a potential large heal if you have a good amount of sanity before using?
  3. It's easy enough to get food, I think they're balanced. Are they considered OP to some because they drop 2 carrots mainly? I just use the bunnymen for farming convenience. Fence in 3 hutches around each MacTusk, and set up a Bunny/Spider war somewhere and pick up the free goodies.
  4. So this type of lag is related to my overloaded DST world and my PC specs (AMD A10 6800K, 10GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB)? Could it be just a few things like an overloaded world (too many twiggy trees, spiders, etc), an addon or two (that ran well before but maybe uses more memory now), plus other potential factors? Does the several second lag during the day/evening/night change clue in to anything? I would think my internet connection would be okay (15down/2up), but would my friend be better off hosting with her 400down/40up speed? Would it be worth a shot to create a Dedicated server over using Klei servers? I'd think my specs are fine, since we have had longer worlds with not this amount of unplayable lag (at times). Thanks!
  5. So our past 2 worlds have been getting lots of lag. I assume it's a combination of twiggy trees, maybe an addon (we've used the same ones though), and lots of other spawned things like spiders or something. We're only about 200 days in, but compared to our last worlds of the same age (with similar amount of created entities), we've never experienced this unplayable lag at times. We don't get lag with all our ~20 pig houses, and don't get lag during a Bee Queen fight (with ~16 catapults), but it just happens sometimes and I don't understand why. Every day cycle change there's a few second lag, and that never happened before. Would a dedicated server have potentially less lag? I know it depends on specs of the host...is it more hardware or internet speed spec dependent? The reason I ask is because I have slightly better PC specs, but she has much better internet specs. Also, I've seen instructions to change the game from using integrated video memory to your video card. Could that be the reason?
  6. This seems to be a new problem for me, with no new addons installed. When I'm fiddling with the console scripts (only deleting and adding things) the game will freeze and I have to force close. The world is actually still going for some reason, because my friend can still play while my side is frozen. I'm not sure if I'm using the wrong commands or what, would using Local when I should be using Remote cause things to freeze up and crash? I assume since I'm the host I should be using Remote. I'm using this command when it happens ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() but it could be a coincidence. Sometimes I can do several commands then it freezes, sometimes only 1.
  7. Geez didn't even think about wormholes...thanks!
  8. Right now I just eat raw monster meat to lower sanity, but it wastes a lot since her sanity goes up while fighting. I guess maybe wearing the Nightmare Amulet is best? On that note...I'm not cool enough to fight 5 creatures, do Winona's catapults attack them? Thanks!
  9. Great, thanks for the info. I updated my OP for my current situation.
  10. EDIT: So I started a new world and there's waaay too many spiders. More than I've ever seen and they're always set on default limit. I'd like to save this world ideally, so what can I do to get rid of some of these dens? There's too much lag to do it the old fashioned way (smash), and I tried the code: ConsoleWorldEntityUnderMouse():Remove() ...which made the den disappear, but for some reason I saw spiders appear out of where the den was. Are there better console commands to remove or limit the max amount of spiders/dens? Maybe a command to remove twiggy trees and replace with saplings could help too. Thanks! --------------------------------------- Hey, so after I setup my bunny-spider war we've been getting tons of lag. Sometimes we can't even move. We cleared out some spider dens, it helped a bit, but it still lags (even with the bunnies inside during the day). We have about 20 bunny houses in that one area, and we've had about the same (maybe a bit more) in another world and never experienced this lag. Any idea how to fix this? I'm also wondering, what are the main factors in PC specs that effect hosting a 2 player world? Thanks!
  11. Hotkey Question

    Yeah only way I know is using spacebar. You can also shift + click an item to move it in/out of containers without dragging it. Here's a mod that allows you to drop items with click and only drop/split a single item from a stack. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=873350047
  12. I wanted to keep my world gen at one point and wrote down the steps on the forum to remember. Be sure to add the "--" back if you want to generate new worlds again. While DST is open in your world gen you'd like to copy, open console and type: print(GetWorld().meta.seed) Write down the 10 digit number that appears in the console window Goto Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together\data\databundles Unzip scripts.zip/rar/7z/etc in the previous folder (\data) and place it in a new folder named "scripts" Rename scripts.rar (in \databundles) to something else, like backup_scripts.rar Open your new scripts folder and look for worldgen_main.lua (make a copy and name it "backup" just in case of mistakes), open with notepad/etc Look at the 4th line, stating "--SEED = xxxxxxxxxx -- Force roads test level 3" Input your 10 digit Seed number obtained in game, replacing those 10 numbers Erase the 2 "--" before "SEED" (allowing the code to run), save the edited worldgen_main.lua Open DST, start new game with the same size your desired world gen was and POOF! I also used the same less/default/more/lots options as my original gen, not sure if that's needed or not, but the size being the same is needed otherwise it doesn't load
  13. EDIT: Found the issue.
  14. Sure it's handy, but food is so easy to get and other farming methods for it are so easy to maintain. To me his downsides just outweigh his upsides. If anything make his armor slightly more protection than Log Suits, and only he can wear it (so your only purpose is not crafting them for others). A slight sanity/HP regen in rain and/or daylight would be okay. Sure getting loads of poop/rot for heals isn't hard, but if an upside is saving time getting resources (no farms needed), but you have to spend more time farming something else (more alternate heal items + sanity alternatives), it kind of nulls the upside.
  15. The only upside to him is more living logs...rest is pretty meh.