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  1. EDIT: Nvm, used search and found this recent thread So the twiggy trees are taking over in my world. I'm trying to eliminate any extra lag because my friend gets some issues. Besides manually removing each tree, is there a command to remove all twiggy trees, or maybe a command that prevents more from spawning/producing twigs? Thanks!
  2. Are there any shenanigans involving Nightmare Pie that I'm not getting? Or is it just a potential large heal if you have a good amount of sanity before using?
  3. It's easy enough to get food, I think they're balanced. Are they considered OP to some because they drop 2 carrots mainly? I just use the bunnymen for farming convenience. Fence in 3 hutches around each MacTusk, and set up a Bunny/Spider war somewhere and pick up the free goodies.
  4. EDIT: Found the issue.
  5. Sure it's handy, but food is so easy to get and other farming methods for it are so easy to maintain. To me his downsides just outweigh his upsides. If anything make his armor slightly more protection than Log Suits, and only he can wear it (so your only purpose is not crafting them for others). A slight sanity/HP regen in rain and/or daylight would be okay. Sure getting loads of poop/rot for heals isn't hard, but if an upside is saving time getting resources (no farms needed), but you have to spend more time farming something else (more alternate heal items + sanity alternatives), it kind of nulls the upside.
  6. The only upside to him is more living is pretty meh.