How does one obtain gift wrap blueprint exactly?

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shadowDigga    55
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I recently messed around with the console and it turned out not only giftwrap can be crafted during winter's feast, a blueprint of it exists (prefab name is "giftwrap_blueprint"), it has a rare blueprint image and upon being learnt gives you ability to craft gift wraps even if winter's feast is turned off.

I wonder if it can actually be obtained legally since that blueprint probably exists for a reason.

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Sunset Skye    1,799

Nearly every craftable item in the game has a blueprint, that's just how blueprints work. The reason that event items like giftwrap have rare blueprints is so that you can't get these blueprints from tumbleweeds.

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__IvoCZE__    5,190

Here's a list of possible item craft-ability 

Basic ( bruh ) - Any item craftable at any craft station ( Yes even the Lunar tab items are basic )

Specific Boss/Event Items, those are non-avalible via any sort of tech and are gained via Boss drops as blueprints

( Bee Queen, toadstool, Dragonfly )

Or Seasonal Events as a pre-learned craftable

( Winter's Feast, Hallowed Nights and so on )

Most of the time Seasonal Event Items should stay craftable ( For example The Mad Science Lab station - unlocked during Hallowed Nights - is a permanent craftable )

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