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I got a few ideas that I wish to share for the woodie rework discussion.

My changes:

  • Trees chopped down give +1 log.

Since woodie gets more logs per tree, it gives him a better efficiency per tree than maxwell, of course maxwell is still faster, but woodie is now more efficient, meaning there is a good reason to pick him over max. works with werebeaver too.

  • The log meter regens instead of drains .

Crazy idea here, but what if the log meter regenerated instead of drained when you're woodie, this would allow you to stave off the beverness by just not chopping trees, allowing you to keep chopping without needing to eat all your freshly chopped wood. so basically kinda like how it is in DS. Woodie can still eat logs if you want to to fill up the meter so you can chop more trees, since it regens slowly. 

This regen does not apply when you transform into a werebeaver, need to eat logs just like before. Not sure how to handle the werebeaver honestly, I'll leave that to someone else.

  •  Throwable lucy?

You could throw lucy in the forge, so maybe bring that back? Although, as we have seen with wheeler, an infinite use ranged attack could be problematic balance wise. While you can't reach the damage potential of wheeler, it still might be an issue. Feel free to debate about it, cause I really don't know.


Those are the ideas I have right now, really not sure how to handle the werebeaver situation, but that's not my job, so I'll leave it to someone else.

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