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Plants should produce "byproducts"

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As someone who very much loves the farming in this game. What I have noticed is that plants don't produce oxygen or any type of gaseous byproduct of their growth.

While I know they are alien plants, I still feel like having plants that produce a type of gas would make the whole colonization thing so much cooler and more fun. Even basic type plants could produce oxygen and consume carbon. Though in very small amounts. Maybe there could be buffs to encourage these strange rustic filters? Plants could grow faster or depending on what they are consuming, if you pump Carbon on a plant it could grow a percentage amount faster or yield more. Maybe pumping Hydrogen on a plant that would typically suck oxygen, would make it either die or produce slime. 

Just a thought from a fellow ONI farmer 


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Gas Grass is the most obvious plant that you would think would produce SOME sort of byproduct.. but it's simply space grass for gassy moos, and nothing more.

There is a mod (Algae Grower) that makes algae terrariums produce algae, along with oxygen, which.. honestly, just makes sense.

I'm not sure what other plants could actually give off any other byproducts...

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