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What is a solid oxidizer tank?

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Neither game description nor any forum post I could find via google explains this properly. Is this, I am assuming, a buff to the total thrust of a rocket, just like the fuel thruster?


The Solid Oxidizer Tank is a rocket part that stores the oxygen needed for the engines to work in the vacuum of space in the form of oxylite.

So how did I launched several expeditions without it, then, in the vacuum of space? If it's talking about specific engines, then which ones?

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You may launch a rocket with just a single steam engine, which needs only steam and nothing else.

You may extend the steam engines range with a booster, which stored oxylite and iron, and works as a second drive.

But when you go to petroleum, or liquid hydrogen to explore space even further, you need oiydizer. There is solid (oxylite) and liquid (liquid oxygen). 

Without an oxidizer tank, your range of petro-engine or hydro-engine is exactly 0.

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