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Upcoming Trailers And Such

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so seeing as the trailers we have gotten so far, i feel like the trailers we are gonna get is origin trailers, hear me out here. were gonna learn how the chars get their powers and such. here is some thoughts i had on how they might go..

Wilson - complete? (had an origin trailer already)

Willow - already done.

Wolfgang - train crash? (Maxwell related incedent)

Wendy- Abigail's death? How she resurrects Abigail the first time?

Wx-78 - Their creation?

Wickerbottom - How she got the knowledge or something to do with her library.

Woodie - How he got his were-beaver powers.

Wes - ???

Maxwell - complete? How he got the codex umbra and maybe the train crash?

Wigfrid - How she became so attached to her role in acting?

Webber - yeah this is gonna suck watching but we may have to see him get vored by a spider... Or we are gonna see him reg resurrected or something.

Winona - complete.

Walani ? - ???

Warly - ??? (i probs wont bother updating this)

Wilbur ? - ???

Wortox - complete.

Woodlegs ? - ???

Wilba ? - her father?

Wormwood - complete.

Wheeler - ???



Feel free to share your thoughts on what would happen, I feel most certan on Woodie, Wendy, and Webber's things. so uh yeah, also this is the first topic i started so we have that.

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54 minutes ago, DavePlaysDST said:

Maxwell - complete? (same as wilson?)

I see it going two ways ether showing how he obtained the codex or why he trapped people in the constant


56 minutes ago, DavePlaysDST said:

Wes - ???

probably how he angered Maxwell or why he is mute


57 minutes ago, DavePlaysDST said:

Wilson - complete? (had an origin trailer already)

it could show why he is so fascinated with science possibly something Wagstaff related

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