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Drecko meat and reed fibre farm

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Here's my design for a drecko meat and reed fibre farm with as much automation and a little dupe work as possible, at the cost of no resources (fed on balm lilies). The pools of oil either side of the chambers stop the drecks from climbing up the walls or escaping.

The top two chambers are where the adults live and are groomed. Their eggs are swept up and dropped into the lowest chamber where they are left to hatch on their own. The bottom chamber is kept cold, so dreckos will eventually die, but not before they reach adulthood and can be sheared for their reed fibre.

The critter drop-off point in the lower chamber is set to auto-wrangle and adult dreckos, so the top two chambers can be restocked when any of its inhabitants die of old age. It is also kept behind a locked door, which only opens when either of the top two chambers is no longer full, so that dupes won't go in there and wrangle up any dreckos unless they're needed.

The system will take about 45 cycles to prime, as the eggs take 33 days to hatch and once the drecklets reach adulthood their temp resets and then will take another 7 or so cycles to die. After that it should produce 2 loads of meat and reed fibre per cycle.






Oh, and the top door in the bottom chamber is a failsafe, set to only allow access to the right, to prevent dupes getting stuck at the drop-off point when another dupe restocks the top chambers and so locks the bottom door. 

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