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what if swimming will be allowed?

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u will be able to swim without boat but without backpack, or maybe even without all inventory

maybe have to use some scuba diver tube to leave all inv during swim, but still not able to use it

no more cross water-land monsters, you can easily hide on water, but will be water monsters, sharks maybe - to not sit 24/7 on water,

maybe they will live only on some area, and other water will be more safety.

also sharks will attack boat if you are in, not jump to it and byte player - if boat die - u will loose items on it, also same shark will byte you if u jump out of boat or boat will be destroyed

and also you will have to land at night to start firecamp


some ideas?


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If swimming would be implemented then I would imagine it working like this:

  • You either get an enormous wetness over time, like 400/min, or you immediately get 50 wetness and gain more over time. It cannot be avoided with any rain protecting gear;
  • Any chest items are unequipped. Head and hand slots are unaffected;
  • Swimming decreases your temperature to the freezing point, even at summer. Winter gear will still help combat this, but wetness will decrease their effectiveness;
  • You can plant and harvest kelp as well as collect any floating items;
  • Speed is slower than standard walking. Speed altering items and abilities will still work;
  • Hand slot items can only be used when stationary and have small delay when stopping. The same way paddling in SW works;
  • Hounds can still attack you when in water, and so can any flying mobs and shadows. Shadows might need either a new type of enemy or some additional animations so that they won't look like impersonators of a certain religious character;
  • WX takes rapid health damage equal to freezing/overheating. The damage is even higher when overcharged;

This is all I came up with. I dunno, even with all of what I've listed I think swimming would be OP. I can already imagine some diehards going on an hour-long swim to lunar islands or Wortox completly noping through all downsides with his soul hopping. On the other hand it would be way better than just abandoning ship and respawning at postern or making platforms just to pick up that one item which just decided to fall into the ocean.

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