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I would like to see a blueprint tool in a game. But not like a development tool. It should be a tool that:

1. Mark buildings to add with selecting layers like I want to copy all pipes but do not want to copy electrical wires.

2. Copy selection as a blueprint.

3. Extra window/screen that will be available to set priorities to selected buildings/tiles.

4. Past the blueprint as building job with priorities given as set above.

5. ability to export blueprints or at least they should be available in other played maps.

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Hmm it might be handy, but I wonder if it won’t cause a lot of problems too.

if you build designs with inaccessible parts, well I suppose you can solve it with using more then 1 blueprint And use blueprint stages.

material choice and availability. Currently you can’t order a build unless material for it is available. So I suppose if the necessary material isn’t available the order may not be placed in current game logic, as for choice without an option of an “any” material it might be annoying to use. So that needs to be implemented too then. But an any material will do option isn’t likely to happen, since the game reserves the material needed for the ordered build directly. So you need to decide how you implement the ingame decision of which material to build on order. But do you program it to use the most available material or the material closest available? Either option has its own set of problems, well I suppose you can let the player decide in a blueprint config menu of sorts. But then I wonder how it goes when you want to make 50% of the tiles obsidian and the other 50% igneous. In case you do t have enough for a full 100% of either material.

i’d like the idea of blueprints, but I wonder about feasibility, this game can’t be as straightforward with blueprints as factorio at least

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Could be its own building tab an you your self could chosi wich elements to usw.

Build a room with normal tiles Metall tiles and a pneumatic door and you would have to chose a metal ,a refined mettal and a Mineral. You would not be albed to chose for each kind of building and everything using for example would usw the same metal/Mineral you chose

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