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  1. game crashes when i load i create a new world, and them embark *crash* load any safe i currently have *crash* (including old MK2 worlds) couldn't find any crash reports in the mentioned directories. edit: maybe this screen shot helps
  2. i'm unable to start a new game, it crashes when i have choosen my duplicants and then embark, safe file is created but upon load it crashes guess i'll wait
  3. AI of dupes is stupid/funny but this is the bug section what you’re commenting about is more feedback about your current thoughts of the AI. the prio menu has an option that specifically is there to help prioritize better for bigger colonies you might want to enable that in big bases? It’s in the top right corner of said menu. Though i doubt it will help with the food issue.
  4. Bath time is for shower and toilets Ahh downtime is also if +40% so I wonder what the problem is.... if they really only go at 100% it’s a bug and has nothing to do with rng whatsoever.... well Took a look at your safe and they went to the toilet as they should. But since you had quite a few mods enabled maybe that’s the cause of it?
  5. Use a bathroom schedule before down time? They will go to the bathroom then if they have over 40% bladder.
  6. Same issue with bedroom “room” i think it’s text issue that needs to be adjusted to: ”at least 1 cot” ”at least 1 comfy bed” since how it is now is somewhat confusing. Or maybe the bedroom really is intended for single and barracks for multiple. whatever the case they are inconsistent with text and effect
  7. I loaded a save and my sandstone tiles turned to regular diggable sandstone. added the safe file Luna's Meatball.sav Luna's Meatball Cycle 35.sav
  8. well the right side values shows available material. if you hover over it, it shows how much you really got and how is much is allocated but it still ain't correct.
  9. would've been nice if the screens were in english but.try opening port 10998 to 11000 to open port 10999
  10. it's not that CO2 is heavier. the movement for gasses and liquids are done in a first order system kind of way. water > pushes the CO2, and fails cause the CO2 can't go anywhere water doesn't push the CO2 and thus pushes the O2 in a chain reaction it only exerts a force on the CO2 CO2 > doesnt push up cause it's fine where it is. CO2 can't exert enough force to displace the O2 so it stays on the spot. if the water is already there the CO2 won't push the water away. (with the exception when a dupe walks by and releases it's CO2 content.) bassically it's ONI physics I don't think anything will be done about this.
  11. problem with the automation of the power shutoff sometimes start with a new build but also when I load the game the issue is also present even though it had been working fine for over a 100 cycles. the game was unpaused and already running a full cycle. it really is starting to bug me
  12. well livable range is a bit weird -50 to 25 while the comfort range is -20 to 5 the chances of a wild pacu to lay an gulp fish egg and that one being somewhere it survives is pretty close to 0 so i guess you're right guess near 0 poluted water is there favourite place to be. though it doesn't exist naturally unless by some of chance some small poluted lake with a pacu spawns on top of an ice biome and no abyssalite present XD now i wonder if they'd stay alive in liquid chlorine might try that out for fun XD water is a resource i use alot but this way i could keep more fishes maybe?
  13. Yep there is a min max temperature for things you build when the material go’s beyond those bounds the new building is set to those temperatures. i don’t think it has something to do for cpu usage. but maybe? cause you can’t specify what temperature range the selected building material can have they do this. Since let’s say we make a deoxedizer and they use iron ore that’s already 370K the new building gets overheat dmg upon build. Might be a gameplay/realism design choice. Though it wouldn’t matter for tiles so maybe I’m wrong about this.
  14. XD it simply can't live there i guess check livable range for temperature
  15. checked it out for fun but couldn't see anything going wrong? eggs get hatched, the baby critters stay in the incubators untill they reach adulthood and then they are ejected on the tiles the incubator is build on. maybe make a vid of it? as a solution to overcrowding you could make use of the auto wrangle option. and kill off excess critters in a critter friendly manner. that said in the save, the lowest stable was already overcrowded. I don't know if you know this but, when an egg hatches in an incubator a dupe will take the critter from the incubator and bring the newly hatched baby critter to the appropriate stable if available. so there is no need to place the incubators in the stables. *I wonder about the fish though **dupe might need the rancher proffesion?
  16. define work? or maybe they fixed it already. but my gas reservoirs don't output gas without a foundation. i dunno about the liquid though
  17. hmm true, but it is causing some confusion i guess. maybe the complete representation is wrong? they could keep the activation pointer fixed on top and turn the meteor in the option menu, so the representation is done the same as the time of day with the top left asteroid counter? anyway, the way it is, is correct. it's just not intuitive
  18. granted the ingame info is mixed up about it on several cases too. take this picture for instance it isn't power but energy.
  19. if so then rebuilding should have fixed it at first try. But confused or not, this is a bug. it shouldn't be fixed by the way I play but by game developers. anyway I bumped against this again. So here is another save power shut off problem.sav
  20. power shutoff doesn't always work properly sometimes. in the picture below you can see my automation with a battery setup as you can see the power shutoff doesn't create the connection as it should. reloading / restarting the game does not solve the issue, thus the failure is still present in the safe I added in this post. I Use the same system 2 more times in this save and there it does work properly. rebuilding seems to change the state of the power shutoff. but it doesn't always start working properly after rebuilding. tmp.sav
  21. crash, no output_log.txt present in the directory ../OxygenNotIncluded_Data also no SimmDLL_crash dump of time and date of the crash present. I pressed Esc right before the crash while it hang a bit. I do that more often withouth any issues so. tmp Cycle 45.sav
  22. while mopping a tile with a ladder in a back will cause the dupe to keep mopping when you destroy the tile it is mopping on. save Cycle 32.sav