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Wormwood and lighting


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Dear guys and Dev team,

First of all, a great thank to the Developers. Your work with Hamlet and Don't Starve in general are remarkable. 

I'm playing wormwood in Shipwrecked now. It is a very new and fun experience.

But it was very annoying that wormwood could still be set on fire with a lighting strike even with full lighting-protection.

During Hurricane season I just couldn't go far from the lighting rod. If I do, I will be on fire most of the time.

Finding healing item in SW was very hard due to Wormwood perks (he won't gain health from food) if you haven't got a merged world with Hamlet.

Could you guys change wormwood interaction with lighting please ! He should be safe from lighting with a dumbrella or eyebrella.

P/s: And one more thing. I found a bug that if you experience a hurricane, storm, lighting, heavy or whatever, you could go in side a shop or your house and then come out, the weather will be back to normal (its peaceful and bright version). It kinda fun and easy during Hurricane season if you abuse this bug. But I think I should let you guys know.

That's all forks. Keep up the great work. My apologize if my English wasn't good:D



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I’ve tried in Hamlet, I was perfectly safe with a dumbrella. But it got the same issue in SW and RoG after the update. 

13 hours ago, SpoonyBardIV said:

Maybe they fixed it in a recent update? When I was hit by lightning, wormwood just said "Too close"


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