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  1. There were some bugs that kept me from getting off the boat. I returned to the boat after a few steps once arrived to the land. This happened to an old save of mine. I'd tried 2 more saves, but none of them had the same issue. video-1564595230.mp4
  2. I could not get back to land once I got on boat. video-1564419777.mp4
  3. Klause is not respawning

    Thanks I will check.
  4. Klause is not respawning

    Here's the file. server_log.txt
  5. Klause is not respawning

    Here ! And I type those cmd in the console and then I open the console again which didn't say anything. Was that supposed to happen ? I have the caves enabled btw.
  6. Hi klei ! It's been 2 season since my last kill klause. I had killed it 2 times before that. And he doesn't seem to respawn. This happen after the update @@