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Health survey results and personal considerations

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Hi everyone!
Some time ago I created a health survey.

I think that enough people have voted to be able to make some initial considerations on the results, which in my opinion are quite unexpected.

1) Do you think it is too easy recover health in DST?

Despite what seemed to emerge from the discussions, an absolute majority voted that, in the game, health recovery is balanced. Only 14% of voters found it too excessive.

2) How much health do you think it should give back the food?

Again, although everywhere I read that the food is too "powerful" as a cure, the absolute majority finds the dishes balanced.

3) In case of treatment, should health be recovered instantly or in a few minutes with a little HP per second?

Here things get more interesting: on the whole, only a minority of voters voted for the current system of instant care.
The majority is divided into a relative majority that would like a "hybrid" system and a relative minority that would only like care diluted over time.

4) Do you think the characters should have a mild form of passive regeneration of health?

On this question the opinion of the community is almost unanimous: passive regeneration is not something wish

5) Do you think that managing the health of your character on DST would be more exciting if altered states were added? (For example such as poisoning, bleeding, bone breaking, head trauma, etc.; with their respective care and prevention tools)

In this case, the absolute majority expressed itself in favor of the addition of altered states that make it more complicated to safeguard one's health, albeit with different degrees of "enthusiasm".


In short, the survey shows unequivocally that the majority finds the current adequate and balanced DST health management system.
What seems to be required are new mechanics that make it more exciting to stay healthy: in essence, the current system is fine, there is no need to change it, but to corroborate it with new features.

Thank you for your attention and who voted.
If you have criticism, suggestions or other comments, please express yourself freely.


In Klei We Trust

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As I gain more and more experience with the game it's becoming alot easier. I understand how powerful healing, and sanity foods are, but nothings better than building a stockpile of honey poultice and healing salves it's such an reassuring insurance policy I'll never stop making them in my free time, also I'm going full plant main *shrug* sorry he looks to cool.

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