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What Am I Not Getting About Priorities?

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Hi Folks...

I've been playing this game for eight months, and I find I *still* don't have any certainty about priorities or any feeling of control over events.

I have one person permitted to cook. That person has 2nd tier cooking and double-up arrows on cooking. I have bristle berries galore in a container 5 tiles away from a grill at priority 9. He won't cook. Dupes are starting to signal starvation, and I am just stumped.

If I permit him any other duty at any level he does it. If I block everything else he idles.

Some things I've tried: maybe you have to do supply to the grill. Turn on supply, and he chooses to go a million miles away and *never* cook. Or maybe it's storage I need, same result. Farming? Same result.

He never cooks.

What am I still not getting!?!?

Cheers, GeePaw


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Thank you for the quick response.

I found my problem. It turns out I do understand the priority mechanics, I just don't understand cooking. :) It was the multi-recipe grill thing. (Not sure whether to call it a bug, tho I am sure it's annoying.)

For those who haven't seen this...

Pick two recipes. Have the supplies available for both. A dupe will pick one and start storing supplies for it. But then the supplies change status, maybe it was counting on a store that isn't accessible anymore. The grill then sits there, partially loaded, and there are no cooking chores. That's why the dupe doesn't go do one. Solution: empty storage on the grill. If there's another completable recipe, it will start, you get the chore, and the dupe goes right to it. Note that this won't work if you don't have another completable recipe, and you'll have to do it all again.

There's another thread in which someone says empty storage doesn't always work, so buyer beware. The perfect solution: one grill per food source. A workable solution, one grill that is only for your current "guaranteed" source, and a second one for your intermittent or specialty sources. Going forward, I will use three, one for my primary, one for my soon-primary, and one for intermittents.

Thanks! -- GeePaw




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