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The Central Species Control Chamber

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Probably dupe-heavy in maintenance and I won't claim it's the most elegant of builds, but present it nonetheless.



The Central Species Control Chamber

Keeps from extinction all species designated by the player to be maintained by the System. For most cases, one egg of each species is enough to maintain a stable population.


  •  Stable population.
  •  Excess eggs are made into omelettes without any dupe interaction by sending them to a >71 deg. chamber and then transported to a carbon dioxide filled warehouse
    (the screenshot is outdated - a tepidizer works better)
  •  Population has priority over food production
  •  Very little power consumption
    •  Incubators only work if
      • At least one stable of relevant species reports that it has room to take another critter
        (in this example, the leftmost stable has one more space left; notice that the automation signal extends in only one direction!)
      •  Automation clock works for only 5% of the day, enabling "lullaby" to be applied and maintained
  • Egg cracking
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I've run with something similar for most of my bases, just a large room with unpowered incubators for each type of critter that is important at prio 5 while the extra egg loader is prio 4

Depending how your have your shipping setup, you can remove the egg crackers entirely.  Eggs will naturally crack if left in storage for too long, so you can leave two storage containers where your egg crackers are and just set them to a lower priority than your incubators.  Then just ship off the raw egg to your chamber and you're done.  Granted, it depends on how quickly you need that food, but generally I don't need omelettes and they more just sit there late game.

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