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  1. the update was released to download? my steam doesnt show any for ONI ok, now showed
  2. there are plans to add building modifier to steam's workshop?
  3. I see, really ty for the efforts on mods trevice!
  4. Hi @trevice! Are you going to update all to steam workshop? Really missing some usefull mods from here. TY in advance!
  5. [Game Update] - 306910

    There will be people crying about this change! Nice fix!
  6. getting black holes for deconstructing oathouse. no mods and already revalidate files, still problem persists
  7. the game is running so smooth even in beta branch! Ty for the nice update! edit: What? even water can be printed now??? That's awesome!!!
  8. congratz on job. just reuploaded a old seed that i play and got all the info i needed! rly amazing!
  9. this one had a copper and a carbon dioxide vent that didnt show up at site: I have the custom world gen mod, but i didnt change the values os world gen, so it should not interfere. As i recall, if you left them on standard, the world should generate the same seed for everyone, right? edit: found the problem, had a mod from javisar that changed the world gen. didnt noticed it till you told me. Thank you =)
  10. @Cairath Hi! Did something change about map generation? two seeds i tested aren correct, they are spawing geysers that site didnt show
  11. =/ i want to build and theres a selling machine in the way lol but thank you! =)
  12. I see. But theres anyway to make them actually destructible?
  13. Hi @trevice, in allbuildingsdestroyable you can only construct on top of but not actually destruct the object? I'm trying to destroy a selling machine without sucess
  14. i thought trevice would do that, so i'm wainting foir it for use his mods again