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Old Wilson

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post-12556-13764591545234_thumb.pngI'm new here and I don't really have much to say.It reminds me a lot of mspa's forums though.I'm terrible at making backgrounds so if anyone could make a background that would be absolute.Wilson as an adult.
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Nice to see an other wolf of the pack of artists around here. I usually blur some black at my backgrounds. This looks like fog and rescues you from messing up the important part of your drawing.

But he already is an adult?

Don't know. Have you seen how he lives? Seems to be a childs wanna be home, he even forgot the doors....^^
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A child's dream home is a place with a dead man hanging from chains with a grave outside it?

Of course! This is ''Vanitas'' in combination with the apple. Or it is a sign of mortality even children are aware of.....

Although I never want to see the dream home of Willow or Wendy.....

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