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Craftable Mandrake Hills

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Players should be able to craft their own Mandrake Hills using living logs and possibly mandrakes and who knows what else.

Elder Mandrakes can be befriended but only on the full moon or during the Aporkalypse. And they put all nearby mobs to sleep when they die. This makes them perfectly suited as defense against vampire bats and other thread during the Aporkalypse, as virtually every other mob that's friendly either hides away or turns hostile during that time.

Unfortunately, in their current state, Elder Mandrakes are also extremely wasted, since they can only spawn on one island, which may or may not be a pain in the butt to reach depending on world gen, and cannot be relocated. (Well, you can telelocate them, but then they'd still respawn back at their homes when killed.)

Perhaps most importantly, however, Mandrake Hills and their occupants have a really cool look and I'm running out of things to pen in my base. :|


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this creature is much like the mandrake taking years to grow into monster in deep rainforest

it reminds me some of the monsters in chinese's movies ( they absorb unexplainable nature energy )

I prefer no helper during aporkalypse, suffer in despair

elder mandrake would be like surprising friendly and helpful to you while you are escaping from danger


doesn't seem like this is going to be added officially

maybe there is a mod for this in the future


eg. the monster of that movie I just mentioned earlier


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