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Kind of dissapointed

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After playing don't starve together for few years i decided to give the single player version a try, so today i purchased the don't starve mega pack bundle on steam, and i must say for the first time, i am pretty disappointed with klei.

First thing i did after installing the game was to try and create a hamlet world, i tried for about 5 times, every time the game was getting stuck at the loading screen, it was just loading and loading and loading forever..

After that i managed to create a shipwrecked world, and it worked, but in my first 20 minutes i noticed that the FPS are not so great compared to DST, apart from that i noticed that the map reveal radius was lower than the player field of view, one functionality issue, one performance issue and one gameplay bug in not even 20 minutes of gameplay..

After that i went to take dinner, and when i came back i decided to try again to create a hamlet world, and somehow it worked, i got into the hamlet world, but in my first 10 seconds there, the loading screen music and sound effects were still playing, apart from that i noticed how the frame rates were pretty low..

Right now i am trying to create another hamlet world with large size, and i am still at the loading screen for 5 minutes.. 

I don't own a latest generation graphic card, or a latest generation CPU, but i am pretty sure that a Quad Core Xeon CPU and a GTX 650 GPU should be able to handle this game at 60 FPS..

I bought DST twice, and i always had a very very good opinion about klei, but this got me pretty disappointed, i just hope these issues will be fixed soon

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Yea.  The game is somewhat buggy in the  world generation.   I noticed it being stuck on the loading/generating for a very long time.   Stuck in fact, that I had to force close the window and retry again  or loading from the created file.     

Hopefully they fix this.  I'm guessing it might have generated something that caused an infinite loop in the generation process.   So its not something that can be reproduced.   

A few times it has happened and I had to force close a lot.

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Lol, I have the same problem but with opposite games. My singleplayer DS works just fine, no lag, no crashes, but everytime I try to join a DST world it has a lot of lag and insane delay to the point that it's not playable

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I have a mediocre-okay PC and the only time my FPS drops in Don't Starve solo is when I use "Minimap Mod". I can fold it and then it's okay, too. I don't know what causes your issues, but perhaps someone could think of a solution? The game certainly can work smoothly, even with a ton of mods slapped on top of it.

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On 9. 6. 2019 at 1:46 PM, Deprecious said:

Later edit

Unfortunately i can't get a refund anymore, guess that's a lesson i learned yet again, why bother paying if devs don't bother finishing their products.. 



I believe you can contact the support team and they might give you a refund even after 2 hours/2 weeks thing on steam.

well obviously dont play like 120 hours and expect a refund but just like base 5 hours may be still allowed to get a refund

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