The first Adventure world should have berry bushes

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Berry bushes are a fundamental food source for anyone not slaughtering their way through the game - they're needed to tide over the player's hunger and health until beefalo can be found and farms established. And if a large population of beefalo aren't available, until the herd size increases.It seems ridiculous to have the very first level lacking a basic resource like that. Especially since any new players will get their ideas about what the game includes from that first level.Shouldn't the first level be straightforward and simple? Why aren't some advanced features missing instead of a very basic one?

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First adventure world doesn't need berries, there is tons of carrots

Carrots don't regenerate; they're a more difficult food source.

and only takes about 3 days game time to complete blind so what is the issue if there is not many bushes?

Beg pardon? Only if you know what you're supposed to be looking for and devote all your time to locating those items, AND get lucky. If the items don't spawn conveniently close to your initial point, it can take a long time to find them all.The first Adventure Mode world is going to be most people's introduction to the game. I don't care if experienced players who know and are willing to use all of the game's tricks can get through it easily - that isn't the point.
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I'm far from being a skilled player, i've done this in my first adventure game ever and only had the game around 2 weeks now and not got past day 15 in sandbox yet :PBut adventure is meant for you to advance to the next level to unlock sandbox options so I don't see the point of building up until you need to for hounds or w.e Anyway there is a silly amount of carrots as I have said and still quite a few berry bushes scattered if you collected them with shovel, my 3 day to pass first level was a daunting trip of exploring every corner of the map to find the items with Willow and still walking in darkness, very boring yes but good way to get out of the starter level :)

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