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  1. Carrots don't regenerate; they're a more difficult food source. Beg pardon? Only if you know what you're supposed to be looking for and devote all your time to locating those items, AND get lucky. If the items don't spawn conveniently close to your initial point, it can take a long time to find them all.The first Adventure Mode world is going to be most people's introduction to the game. I don't care if experienced players who know and are willing to use all of the game's tricks can get through it easily - that isn't the point.
  2. Berry bushes are a fundamental food source for anyone not slaughtering their way through the game - they're needed to tide over the player's hunger and health until beefalo can be found and farms established. And if a large population of beefalo aren't available, until the herd size increases.It seems ridiculous to have the very first level lacking a basic resource like that. Especially since any new players will get their ideas about what the game includes from that first level.Shouldn't the first level be straightforward and simple? Why aren't some advanced features missing instead of a very basic one?
  3. I don't think either of these should be unlimited. But I don't understand why they wear out after a single use - particularly the tent. I don't grasp their function at all, frankly, as they seem to be nothing more than expensive bedrolls.What if a bedroll could be used three times before disintegrating, and tents at least ten?
  4. I don't understand why they don't make the ocean totally inaccessible. Shouldn't it be fairly easy?
  5. Sleeping through the night raises sanity significantly. And that seems appropriate - how long could * you* go without sleep before going mad?
  6. 1) Carrots don't regenerate.2) The initial map should be the most forgiving - not to mention that it should introduce all of the aspects of the game. Leaving out berry bushes on the first stage isn't compatible with either of those.3) The game ought to permit as much flexibility in play style as possible. If someone wants to play as a vegetarian or pacifist, there ought to be ways to manage it - with difficulty, perhaps, but it should be doable. Removing berry bushes makes it almost impossible.
  7. With both the day and the world overlaying the clock (in bright white letters) it's quite difficult to actually see the clock.May I suggest that the world number be displayed on the "pause" screen, the one we can access at any time, instead? It's not something that we actually need to know very often, and it gets in the way when it's displayed constantly.
  8. None in adventure mode, although I can't survive long enough to check the next world. The absence of berry bushes is crippling to new players, anyone trying to be a vegetarian, and anyone who can't find a substantial population of beefalo. I acknowledge that bushes are too useful, but think they should respawn more slowly rather than cease to be.
  9. And it seems you can't make kabobs out of monster meat at all.The recipes are of extremely limited utility. Many of them are less useful than their base ingredients!
  10. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number - Issue title No berries in adventure mode Steps to reproduce Start a game in adventure mode. Explore the map. There will be no berry bushes, anywhere. Describe your issue Isn't anyone else testing Adventure Mode? Is everyone just running through sandbox games or their old maps? I've started six different Adventure Mode sessions. There were no berry bushes in any of them. Not in pig villages. Not scattered thickly in grassy starting zones. Not scattered sparsely across other zones. Zip. In addition to being a very annoying bug, it makes it almost impossible to survive through winter - not because surviving summer is impossible, but because so much effort has to be devoted to surviving the first days that it's impossible to build up a reserve. This is a much bigger issue than the mysteriously-disappearing roads.
  11. I'm afraid it makes perfect sense. Mandrakes are already associated with magical sleep - and pan flutes are very powerful in the right circumstances. Making them a limited and precious commodity is perfectly reasonable.
  12. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number - Issue title Items blink out of existence at boundaries Steps to reproduce Spawn an item (mining, logging, kill mobs, etc.) and watch as it crosses a land/sea boundary. If if touches, the items suddenly fade or blink out of existence. Describe your issue Well, they've solved the "items get stuck over the ocean" problem. Now the items become inaccessible by ceasing to exist instead of being caught over the ocean. I can't help but notice that this isn't all that much of an improvement. Why don't things 'bounce' off of the boundary the way an item that tries to spawn within a screen object does?
  13. I *think* w00tyd00d's image is what I'm seeing. I've also found it to sometimes be associated with a very large stack of manure that I don't know how to account for.Just a bug in the game, I guess.
  14. I thought I'd found the way to make sure that Don't Starve's saved games were retained - always shutting down Steam before turning the computer off. Unfortunately, I happened to be caught in a location where Steam could not connect, and I worked a bit on my game while waiting... and the same was unavailable again when I restarted. It seems that if Steam is in online mode, but can't connect, it won't save DS games properly. Although the above method works in offline mode, and online mode with a connection, it fails otherwise. Please, please, guys: fix this problem. It's preventing me from searching for bugs and problems, not to mention making it impossible to enjoy playing. DS is a fantastic experience otherwise - I'm confident you can solve this small but very important bug. :cD
  15. If you have lots of manure, but lack the resources needed for the super-quick plots, hyperfertilization is a strategy that makes sense. Also, if you're just starting and are starving to death, getting food *now* can be very important.