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  1. Poor over 50s missing out on such a good game. Results seem normal to me, most gamers are ages 21-35 anyway since these people have lived through games evolving plus pc generally has a older audience due to needing some technical knowledge on how to make things work.
  2. I got to world 2, found a piece of next machine, found the machine, got bored of running around doing nothing but traveling so I tried to summon treeguard (I was willow) but couldn't seem to spawn him no matter how many trees I burnt so I went to kill spiders for fun, tried to find beefalo to no avail and then went into a swamp to find a tentacle to end my boring playthrough.I see people have made bases early, why? running away from everything works wonders and means you dont have to waste time not searching for parts for next world. Winter I don't imagine to be a problem since on my sandbox non stop winter i didnt die without making a base for ages, had no hat or anything and just kept myself warm with forest fires and torch.For me adventure mode is something I don't think I will do again, way too easy and boring to just survive doing nothing, feels more like a tedious find a seek game Hopefully in the future adventure will be more eventful, maxwells traps where a nice touch but not really a threat until darkness, maybe having the player need to get rid of traps to get a piece of machine would be nice and stuff like that.
  3. These are hillarious, i'm going to be keeping my eyes on this thread XDKinda reminds me of banjo kazooie :3 mmm nostalgia
  4. these ideas are simple but would add a lot to the game, currently as it is first thing i do is find pig king and make base near him, it would be nice to have more reasons to play differently each time.
  5. I'm far from being a skilled player, i've done this in my first adventure game ever and only had the game around 2 weeks now and not got past day 15 in sandbox yet :PBut adventure is meant for you to advance to the next level to unlock sandbox options so I don't see the point of building up until you need to for hounds or w.e Anyway there is a silly amount of carrots as I have said and still quite a few berry bushes scattered if you collected them with shovel, my 3 day to pass first level was a daunting trip of exploring every corner of the map to find the items with Willow and still walking in darkness, very boring yes but good way to get out of the starter level
  6. hound camps are a good idea but personally I would like the camp to not change how hounds currently behave but instead add another way to kill them or be killed by them. Would give the hounds a feeling of existance then too rather than feeling very dull.
  7. I kind of like taming things if it is a challenge and riding a beeflo or something else would be quite nice to travel around faster because I actually find most maps way too big and spread out which is a problem earlier on when you need to use science machines for inventing however a mount would probably be late game so therefore useless.
  8. First adventure world doesn't need berries, there is tons of carrots and only takes about 3 days game time to complete blind so what is the issue if there is not many bushes?I see no issue.
  9. Some of the eerie descriptions are great, i love the pigs pressing their noses on the window one, creeps me out a little plus the way the pigs turn the lights off when you are near them.Another thing I love is the sound of the rabbits running away, it makes me laugh all the time.
  10. (Editing won't work without bugging )Wilson was a failing inventor it seemed but made some kind of pact with maxwell for knowledge as you see crazy things flying around like schematics of random things that don't look related to the machine. The story goes something along these lines anyway or at least this is how I interpret it.
  11. After I read the wiki page and looked into Maxwell's Demon theory I thought that it added up pretty well with the story theoretically as maxwell's 'demon' was just something to open a gate to let some things in and others out to break a law of thermodynamics but basically it is just arranging things differently (This stuff goes over my head XD i'm no sheldon) like maxwell has done in the game with bringing players into his world and possibly putting something into the other.This seems unlikely though since I have searched for references with Wilson to no avail Even tried Milson, Watson etc so I doubt the story would be references unless it all was
  12. As the title says old resolutions are still oval shaped T_T Can't take this skinny world any longer.
  13. I got to day 11 and died from trying to steal tallbird eggs after my experiments ended up frying and freezing the other eggs XD Hatching is difficult :DFirst hound attack involved me running half way across the map to beefalo... why didn't I make logsuit! On my pre patch game I loaded it up, was half insanity straight away and couldn't get it up in time to prevent giant louse attack so I died really quick haha, was 1 steak off meat effigy too :PSo winter happens at different days for everyone? Some saying 15 days, some 20, some 13 etc didnt get to see snow on my first night like others have
  14. Update is great, love the new world gen and dirt paths though more random things could be placed and I don't like the igloo placement in non winter, it needs to be hidden really so it gives you something to look out for later. Haven't reached winter yet since I die a lot, finding food is still unchanged to me, I just camp pig village bushes like normal :SWould really love it if pigs would get a nerf, we should at least have to have a crockpot first to befriend them, giving them any meat is too easy and makes combat changes near pointless unless its dusk / night so I suggest a recipe that uses something harder to get or maybe a item to make you able to give pigs food instead like the beehat kind of thing but it should be a achievement, not start new game, get pig army with spare meat and slaughter anything that passes. :/Only saying this because the times I die are normally when I cba to get pig army before exploring. Also about the pan flute : why get one when beefalo horns are easy to get? They suck anyway against most things if caught be suprise :PLooking forwards to freezing to death though, I hope winter is as fun as everyone says.