Make bedrolls and tents multiple-use

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I don't think either of these should be unlimited. But I don't understand why they wear out after a single use - particularly the tent. I don't grasp their function at all, frankly, as they seem to be nothing more than expensive bedrolls.What if a bedroll could be used three times before disintegrating, and tents at least ten?

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They'd need to be WAY more expensive for that to be balanced, and bed rolls can already be made in stacks for the exact same effect. Not to be overly negative, but I'm categorically against the idea of taking items that already offer too much bang for the buck, and giving them even more.Bed rolls (and to a lesser degree tents) need a nerf, not a buff. As I've said before, there's a rational argument to be made for bed rolls giving -1 sanity, because that's still effectively +9 sanity (give or take) when you factor in what losses sleeping at night prevents.

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I think with the new relative difficulty of getting food in the winter, the drawback is appropriate for what you get. They're good enough that I use them as needed, but if they were nerfed that much, I'd just use pigs instead.I don't think the game should be much harder in Sandbox. If you specifically want a challenge, hit up Adventure or Custom.

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