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  1. Farms not needed at all

    I don't bother with farms, even for emergency food. That's what multiple crock pots, or chests full of rabbits, are for.
  2. I think with the new relative difficulty of getting food in the winter, the drawback is appropriate for what you get. They're good enough that I use them as needed, but if they were nerfed that much, I'd just use pigs instead.I don't think the game should be much harder in Sandbox. If you specifically want a challenge, hit up Adventure or Custom.
  3. [Crash] Stack trace error

    I've experienced a similar bug, though I'm not sure it's the same. (In hindsight I realize a screenshot would have been easier.)Error: : data\scripts\components\locomotor.lua:91:calling 'OnCreep' on bad self (number expected, got no value) LUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'OnCreep'data\scripts\components\locomotor.lua(91,1) in function 'fn'data\scripts\scheduler.lua(156,1) in function 'OnTick'data\scripts\scheduler.lua(360,1) in function 'RunScheduler'data\scripts\update.lua(76,1)Running on a Mac, through Chrome. I was pretty far from any creep - at least 3 screens away - and it was a winter day. I was walking southeast, about to plant a sapling very nearby, also to the southeast, when the error occurred. The game froze, but Wilson slid without animating southeast until he came to water and stopped. My save seems totally intact.
  4. I agree, it seems to be an odd balance choice. I say either decrease the stack size of Rocks, or increase the stack size of Cut Stone. (I'd prefer the latter ;D)
  5. The new "World X Day Y" display takes up way too much real estate on the clock. The clock is still readable, but barely, and I don't think it looks very good now. The old "X - Y" display made enough sense, and was a fun throwback to Super Mario Bros. Not only that, but I like that it was more ambiguous as to what the first number meant, making the Wooden Thing more mysterious.