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  1. I didn't know what you meant at first (I'm still new here), but yeah. Pain Randomizer.
  2. Anyone who's ever purposefully opened the debug menu in Sim City in order to set off a disaster, raise your hand.>_>^I especially like the idea of tornadoes that can scatter items, and maybe do damage to crops.Although why stop at natural disasters? This strikes me as just a smaller part of a larger random events system that could be very fertile ground for modders if implemented.
  3. I think this makes more sense than the standalone crock pot.
  4. I've noticed that there are basically four kinds of Savannahs: Small/large, and Rabbit/Beefalo. Large Rabbit savannahs definitely have too much food in them.
  5. This idea takes a game that is already struggling with balance issues, and makes the matter (literally) exponentially more complex. Personally I find it adds a grinding element that I'm not comfortable with (and I like grinding). I don't want to feel compelled to make a fishing rod for 10xp. I want to feel compelled to make a fishing rod because I want fish. I don't want to feel compelled to attack something just for the 'experience' of doing it. If I attack something, it's either because I want what it has and can only get it by force, or to end a threat against me. And with the changes in the tech tree, I feel the design of the game is going in the other direction anyway, where your power is measured in resources more than anything else.
  6. They'd need to be WAY more expensive for that to be balanced, and bed rolls can already be made in stacks for the exact same effect. Not to be overly negative, but I'm categorically against the idea of taking items that already offer too much bang for the buck, and giving them even more.Bed rolls (and to a lesser degree tents) need a nerf, not a buff. As I've said before, there's a rational argument to be made for bed rolls giving -1 sanity, because that's still effectively +9 sanity (give or take) when you factor in what losses sleeping at night prevents.
  7. That always bugged me. Three hits is fine; I can compromise on 2 hits.
  8. I dislike it because it takes me out of the survival genre (which I see as inherently a solo mission) and into the RTS genre.
  9. We really need to get the interest of the Dark Souls community. They knew how to deal with those people.
  10. I'm still new at this so I try to take a flexible approach. I do build structures, but they exist to serve exploration needs rather than being an end in their own right. If needs be, I'll build a few small outposts away from the main camp. It depends on what I'm doing.
  11. Everyone seems to be having this issue with today's update. Hopefully they won't take two weeks to release a fix dialing back the pig spawn rate by at least 75%.