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is it possible to start pvp betwen boats, like real pirates?

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some boats with catapults and other support with engine for them, or put houndius shootius, or something else, maybe fight with boomerangs


but problem is items which drop on water dissapear (loosing resong to be pirate)


need some new ideas to make this idea stronger, maybe merms will be pirates who protect some area with super loot (like wild pigs exist and protect fire )

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We were doing this last night.

Houndi break on boats, however. They bug out.

Anyhow, we've been having some sick ocean battles lately, the catapults certainly work.

We like to ram each other, and try to force people away from land and let them sink.

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I did this with my mates the other day-- this is how it ended, with my soul stuck forever in the jittering realm of eternal hopping immortality...

My teammate and I put houndius shootiuses and an ice flingomatic on our ship, killed one guy that boarded our boat, and then I got stuck in the celestial plane after hopping someone else's boat, which then slid into the edge of the world with me on it. 100/10

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