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Some tips about the beta.

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While the beta is great, I wanted to give some advice in case anybody was wondering how anything worked. This does mean that spoilers are up ahead, so I suggest leaving the thread if you wanted to discover how things work for yourself.


  1. You can place a variety of stuff on boats, so don't be afraid to try placing stuff on them and seeing what works. You could try to make a base out at sea made from multiple boats, if you're so inclined. Just remember to avoid paddling and if need be, use an anchor.
  2. Boats do not take damage when in use, unlike boating in Shipwrecked. Damaging them comes about by crashing them into other objects like the island and the rocks out at sea.
  3. Boats can be repaired. Make a board and then attempt to place it on the boat when it is damaged. This will not stop leaks, however. This thread goes into a bit more detail about boat repairs: 
  4. Boat Patches can stop leaks, but be warned that once a boat has patches on it, it limits the amount of stuff you can put on it. Smooth sailing is rewarded here. Repairing boats with boards does not remove boat patches.
  5. Abandoning ship when it's about to go down is recommended instead of staying on it and drowning yourself. On every boat, there is a plank that can be extended. Extend it, stand on it and then right click on the plank to abandon ship. You'll wake up on the main island at the Florid Postern.

The Lunar Island

  1. Once you land on the island, the sanity meter becomes the 'Lunacy' meter. You'll want to be insane here since it gets rid of the filter surrounding the screen. I recommend bringing and eating raw Green Mushrooms (Blue ones work as well) as well as Shadow Armor and a Dark Sword in case you need to be rid of your sanity when visiting the island. The Nightmare Amulet is a short term solution to being sane/insane while on the island. Being Enlightened slows you down and much more susceptible to being put to sleep by the Gestalts, ghost-like creatures that roam the Lunar Island and attacking those who have a high enough enlightenment meter.
  2. Hound attacks still occur on the island, but in some instances the corpses of the Hounds remain intact, and if you leave them alone long enough they become Horror Hounds. Much like in Resident Evil, set the corpses on fire to prevent the hounds from mutating and getting back up. You could also fight the Horror Hounds for more teeth. (Ha.)
  3. Fissures and the wisp-like Gestalts raise your enlightenment meter when you stand next to them. Stay away from them when you're on the island, but stay near them when you're leaving the island so you can regain your sanity.
  4. The Lunar Trees give Lunar Moths when cut down. Catch the Moths using a bug net and plant them much like you would with pinecones and butterflies, This is how you get more Lunar Trees.
  5. Saladmanders are cute but kind of tanky. Kill then when they're green to get Leafy Meat, or kill them when they've ripened (I.E. turned red) in order to get a Dragonfruit. Be warned, however, as they gain a new fire attack when ripe that can set anything near them ablaze. Willow mains, assist the team!
  6. The Anemones are like Tooth Traps but can be dug up and planted elsewhere.
  7. The Stone Fruit, in order to be used, have to be placed on the floor and mined with a Pickaxe in order to access their contents. Think of them as coconuts from Shipwrecked. You might get another sapling for the fruit from mining them.
  8. The Spiders on the island do have a ranged attack. Plus, they're ugly as all sin.
  9. Carrats are adorable and harmless. Try picking a carrot on the island next time you're on it!
  10. The crafting station which lets you make the new items is made up of three pieces. They're stuck in some rock formations. Place the pieces in order on a fissure to make the station. Hammer it down if you wish to move the pieces elsewhere.
  11. Hot Springs can give Moon Glass when a Bath Bomb is placed inside one. You can then mine them when they become solid. They give more stuff, like red and blue gems, when it's a full moon. Keep putting bath bombs inside of a hot spring during the full moon to keep on mining it.
  12. Be careful around the Mutated Pengulls during the Winter. They'll aggro onto the closest player and immediately seek to damage them, unlike their normal counterparts.

I'll add more when I can. Feel free to share your tips in the thread as well.

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