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Dupes need to learn that actions have consequences

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Worst part about this game is watching a duplicant cook some food.... and in theory the "next action" is to store the food. But that's not how duplicants work. Instead the duplicant will run all the way across the map to do something else, ... of lower priority.

And another duplicant... all the way across the map will come running in to pick up this food, and put it in the fridge.



This would be a good game if a duplicant could figure out how to farm up some crops.  And (If priorities are set this way), the duplicant would immediately take the crop and run and cook them up, and then immediately put the item into a fridge.


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The dupes think a bit differently than that. The dupe starts cooking. After he finishes one meal he makes another until he`s ut of ingredients. Then he walks all the way to find some more. Meanwhile the fod he made sits there waiting for someobdy to pick it up. Could be easily automated but setting a fridge to priority 7 usually works for me.

Similar farms. There are 15 crops to harvest. The dupe will rather harvest all of them instead of harvesting one, picking it up, cooking, storing in a fridge and comming back. This way it`s more efficient an works better with more dupes. But you can make them do it in order with a proper priority setting.

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This is precisely why I tend to do as much solids automation as I do. That way the dupes only need to worry about the actual task of farming/mining/building/etc, and the nearby convenient shipping nozzle gobbles the stuff away to its appropriate destination.

Yes, it's a lot of resources, but it's so very worth it in terms of the dupe time saved.

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