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  1. I would very much like to see the potential for semi-permanent things that take expensive magic and rare items (like the grave-spawned garden gnome) to build. However, given that this is a survival game, it would only really work if there is only one per game at a time, and when you die you have to reclaim it from some crazy creature who has taken up habitation. Example, you build the magic permanent farm plot using something you dug up from a grave, and then when you die, you have to kill some mutated plant to reclaim it for use.Beyond some mechanic like that, I am super-happy with the game as-is in terms of object permanence.
  2. I wholly agree with a backpack as a form of "Armor". Better still if it only added 2 bordered slots in the expanded inventory (when you pull the inventory up), indicating what is in the backpack.I would be hesitant to throw much more than about 2 extra slots on the player. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted to hold just one more thing, but much more than 2 slots and you would start pushing Chests to a more late-game feature than an earlier game requirement for exploration.2 Ropes and a couple silk would be totally reasonable for that, if you ask me.
  3. I also agree that the traps are borderline useless based upon their expense.However, I'd rather see the traps have 3 to 4 uses per, and need to be baited independently, and still not stack in your inventory.That way, they are still somewhat resource intensive to make, they still require a time investment and observation, as well as taking up enough space in the inventory that developing a farm is still going to be a high priority. But, they will stop being a thing that you drop as rapidly as humanly possible.In terms of the bunny exploit, I'd rather see bunnys not have a "collide" response with the player. They are fast and small, and should not be able to be blocked by anything except a trap.
  4. This right here. You can make lots and lots of farm plots with the flowers there.
  5. In a world where people pay respects by burying "Ball-in-a-cup", garden gnomes, and desiccated tentacles in marked graves.... I can buy that rocks grow fast!
  6. They seem to, but it takes 12 or so days to do so (at least that was the interval from harvesting them and returning).
  7. I would prefer a "hold to continue harvesting" mechanism for a better feel of control, but yes. Please allow us not to click a billion times.
  8. So, I picked up Don't Starve over PAX Prime this last weekend, and I've been having a great time with it. Just hit my record 18 days alive and am able to farm enough food and ready to start exploring for real.One thing that has started really standing out to me, is that the inventory and tools menus don't have hot keys for opening and closing them. Frequently, I'll get working on something that takes inventory manipulation and neglect to close it up until it is very important to have the room on screen for moving or fighting and it becomes a hazard.It would at very least be nice to have a button to close out all expanded toolbars, if not toggle them,
  9. That was how I did it before I thought to bait the traps. Works a treat, provided you know which bunny goes where.In terms of traps, it would be very nice to get a sticks and rope trap that was reusable 4 or 5 times. I find once its time to start building other things, the grass gets really sparse.
  10. Hey all,My Laptop will not run Don't Starve. It launches the intro page, and then when I click on the "play" button, and select Wilson, the game loads a mottled aged paper looking blurry screen and then locks. Chrome dies if I try to click anything a few times.OS: Win 7 SP1 64 BitASUS N53SV NotebookCPU: 2.0 GHz i7-2630QM4 GB RamVideo: NVIDIA GeForce GT 540MThe game runs great on my desktop, though.