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Suggestion: Name tagging pipes

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Attached is a screen dump of an area in my current base where I've got my main gas separation going on, with pipes going in an out for various things.


For anyone who's wondering wtf is going on, I'll include a list below of the things I've labelled.


As you can see, it's a convoluted mess. Sure, hopefully later on when I've got my base tweaked to perfection and can lay back in my comfy bed, munching on a frost bun whilst resting my weary (hopefully not grimy) feet, it'll be neater and prettier, but right now, works are still in progress, and yes, it's a convoluted mess. The point being, as per this post's heading, it would be really great if I could tag my main pipes at any point along it so that if I'm mousing over that pipe further along it's line I can see what I've named it/what it's for. This would help me to not screw up my piping by linking, for example, a chlorine pipe to a natural gas generator.


I appreciate you're close to release and might not be able to fit this in right now, but if you could possibly consider this a small project to work on as an update in the game at some point, I think many players would appreciate it.


If any other players reading this post have a base that also has convoluted piping (gas or liquid) please feel free to attach to this post to underscore the need for name tagging pipes to the devs. Also, it might simply be interesting to look at. :)



Pic labels (for those interested):

All labels in the screen dump are in lime colour and kind of thin, so you might need to enlarge to see properly. Ingoing/outgoing refers to whether it's coming in to or going out from the gas separator. Also yes, the piping is a bit messy. It's a work in progress. Don't hassle me. :p

A : which I clumsy tried to use arrows at first, then just used a big circle - the main gas separator

B: incoming line to be sorted from the upper right of the map. At the moment it's just a natural gas geyser pump, but later on I could also be pumping in other gasses like any hydrogen that's gathered up there.

C: outgoing natural gas line to my generator.

D: development area for a glossy drecklet farm

E: outgoing hydrogen line

F: outgoing carbon dioxide line

G: outgoing polluted oxygen line

H: incoming assorted gasses line from the oxygen/carbon dioxide line at the bottom of my base.

I: outgoing chlorine line

J: outgoing oxygen line

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Sorry for the rehash :(


I did do a search for naming pipes or something like that, but nothing came up. I've added 'text sign' and 'sign' as tags. Maybe that'll reduce the likelihood it'll come up again.


Was there any response from the devs to this type of suggestion, that you can recall?

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26 minutes ago, Gwido said:

Devs don't react so much on this forum. :)

But they for sure read it. Many suggestions were added. Storage bins can be renamed now for example. Maybe they will add it when they find an easy way to do it.

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